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The girl’s guide to pubic hair

Having pubic hair is A-OK. It grows there naturally. It keeps coming back, whatever you do! Feeling it’s mandatory to obliterate all trace of it is kerrrazy.

You know, most girls have some! (I don’t like to get me involved in this blog too much but I rock a little bit of bush most of the time, so THERE.) Don’t be confused by porn and stuff. For some reason, it’s just the porn-y style - I guess without hair, people are all "ooh, I can see all the… pink… bits." (For the same reason, the penises are all pretty big, just because.)

Finding shaving tricky doesn’t mean you suck. Every time you see shaved women in photos, remember it’s like… their job to make it look really effortless. It’s the crotch equivalent of models getting professional hair, makeup and Photoshop.

Guys don’t really care. By the time they’re meeting your downstairs hairstyle for the first time, it’s all about the sex, y’know? Some guys might have theoretical preferences (just like some of us have ideal shapes and sizes of guys we like) but when it’s all happening with someone you’re into, those things suddenly don’t seem to matter. 

But if you wanna try getting rid of it all for kicks or it makes you feel fancy, here we go!

Hair removal cream! Veet. Nair. You know the ones. You put it on your skin. You leave it there for a few minutes. And then the hair is just… vamoosh. This. Is. Science!

Nair is my best choice for getting rid of hair down there, except for waxing. But waxing is painful, and more expensive, so Nair, or hair removal cream, is definitely the second best!"

I’d always had pubic hair until a few months ago. Except for shaving it a couple of times to experiment (ouch!) I’d left it alone and only trimmed it. But then I decided to surprise my boyfriend and get rid of it after reading reviews of Veet Sensitive Skin. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I just let the stuff sit on the hair for 10-13 minutes and wiped the hair away. I much prefer life without it and I’m happy I don’t have to deal with bumps. They suck!"

Totally try it. Although remember…

DO NOT leave nair on anything sensitive for more than five minutes or so, or you can end up with some really awful burns. I’ve used it for a full ten minutes on my legs, and they were red and burned and just gross for quite a while, so that’s something you don’t want to do to your lady parts."

And you want to use something that’s specifically for down low, like this one. Even if it’s not totally smooth afterwards you might think it’s just the freakin’ ticket. If not…


Wait, not for the first time here’s laci green explaining everything.

i swear to god i wrote the below stuff before I saw that, but yep, it’s basically identical! anyway, if you’re afraid of videos here is some good old-fashioned text…

  • Trim first. Get involved with some nail scissors first or whatever. Bonus: sometimes after you’ve done that it’s just like “hey that actually seems fine" and you can get back on Tumblr where you belong.
  • Soften. Make that hair give up the fight. Sit in a hot bath for a bit or put a hot flannel on the business so it chills the hell out already. 
  • Exfoliate! Gets rid of random bits of dead skin that are only gonna make things more annoying.
  • Foam. Use some. Like good nourishing sensitive stuff. Also someone says "squirt some conditioner in with your shaving cream and let it sit for a minute wherever you’re shaving - it softens the hair and makes it easier to shave."
  • CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON. Like a new sharp razor. Two different people recommend using a men’s razor ‘cos "pubic hair is similar to that of facial hair (it’s fairly coarse) and so a razor that is created for removing facial hair will work fairly well at removing pubic hair."
  • Shave in the direction of the hair. Like you’re stroking a cat. 
  • Put all the soothing things on it. The bit where you apologise for to your skin for what you just did. Everyone has their own lucky moisturiser: "Apply aloe vera, it’s meant for irritated skin. Use it right after shaving and at least once a day after that." / "The only thing I’ve ever found that stops razor burn after shaving is an all natural salve called comfrey st. john’s wort compound which can be found at a site called mountainroseherbs." / “Use very nourishing lotion (I often use face moisturizer because it’s for sensitive skin)"

Here are some more things people said!

I’ve talked with all of my close girl friends about pubic hair - we all have different opinions! I personally love mine, because it makes me feel more feminine, but all of my friends trim or shave theirs completely! Also - guys don’t care super much, from my experience. I actually had one ask me specifically to NOT do anything “down there" because he enjoyed it so much, even though he usually preferred shaved ladies. :)"

Female pubic hair- I feel sexier smooth or near smooth. Do what you want. If you want pubes sticking out from your bikini, do it. If you want to remove any trace of hair, do it."

I did all the right things to make shaving less painful but it still burned and itched like crazy. I was in hell until one day I realized that I was choosing to do something to my body that caused me pain and that that was ridiculous. Please, everyone, remember that you are not obligated to do anything to your body that you are not completely comfortable with. My boyfriend would prefer that I would be completely shaven but I have to accept that it’s not his choice and that he loves me anyway. I wish that he would embrace my naturalness as much as I have and maybe one day he will, but until then I have to summon my own inner body positivity because acceptance starts within."

I always shave my pubes, just because in my experience, pubes on males or females is not fun or sexy. razor burn sucks, it really does, but if you shave every 3 days and use a tad of lotion i find that it stops happening."

I have never shaved. Ever. I trim once a month - after my period so I don’t forget. Now we must bare in mind here that I am a virgin and a lesbian so I don’t know if they have any baring on this. I wouldn’t be willing to shave for a partner though. It just feels nice, it’s soft and smooth. I also don’t shave my armpits but I guess that’s different…"

I recently started going the clean-shaven route with my ladybits, and I’ll admit I’m still having a hard time myself. I never get any burn or nicks while shaving the lips, but I get it on the bulk of the bush. I think it helps a lot to trim first, or even use a hair removal cream. I’m going to wait a while before cleaning up down there again, though, and try sugaring! It’s supposed to be easier than waxing, and you have everything you need in your kitchen."

I shave sometimes and I like the smoothness when I’ve just done it… but I hate hate hate the stubbliness when it grows back! So then I start feeling like I have to keep shaving ALL. THE. TIME. Just letting the hair grow slightly longer actually makes it feel smoother and nicer so now I mostly leave it like that."

When it comes to pubic hair, i’ve noticed that guys don’t generally care once you’re naked and ready. the guys i’ve heard say pubic hair is gross are the same guys who don’t care at all when they take off my underwear and see nothing shaved or even trimmed- when they’re about to have sex, no amount of hair will stop them. not even my leg or armpit hair, it just doesn’t matter! the guys though who i see regularly who give head will sometimes ask me to trim so they don’t get them stuck in their teeth, but that’s the same on their end. i ask them to trim too so i don’t pull three pubes back everytime i come up for air during a blowjob. moral of the story, don’t stress over pubic hair and think that you have to shave it or trim it. it’s there for a reason."

I started trimming my pubic hair about a year and a half ago, and over the next few months, I started shaving more and more off from the sides and top that eventually I’d shaved it all off. I hated it at first, because I thought it made me look too young, but I never let it grow back because it itched, so I just kept it bald, and now I really like it. It’s soft, comfortable, makes me feel clean. Maybe I’ve just been lucky in never really getting bad razor burn, but I only shave there every 4 days or so, so that helps. The most important thing about this is that I do it JUST for myself, always have, so ladies, it’s totally okay to do what you want with your hair as long as you’re doing it for you, and not for someone else!"

Every time I shave my crotch, I end up with these ingrown hair bumps and I was wondering if there’s anyway for them to not appear. And like there’s hair that I can’t reach and never seem to be able to shave completely."

The only issue I’ve had with pubic hair is having it grow back in after shaving. It’s just bleh. I prefer to simply trim it."

i was super scared to get a bikini wax for two reasons: the first was showing my vagina to another person, and the second was the pain, and honestly it wasnt that bad. The lady was super nice and talked to me and made me feel very non-awkward, and it didnt hurt that bad either. It was so worth it i didn’t get a rash like with shaving and i can wear a swimsuit comfortably."

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