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holy smokes. to quote patrick. who could’ve dreamed up this story? if you had told us the incantations that we sang would’ve summoned what we’ve become none of us would have ever believed it. art isn’t a competition- but this does feel like vindication- just because this is one that we made just for us- and now you have made it yours. so this one felt real good and hit us right in the gut when we saw the album was number one (with a bullet!). from a cruddy broken futon in chicago you dragged us here, or we dragged you. probably a bit of both. thank you. thanks to: crush management, our record label island defjam, and most importantly to our friends, family, and fans that made this possible.

this song was designed to celebrate moments like this. play it loud and surround yourself with friends, real or fictional:

Blood brothers in desperation
An oath of silence
For the voice of our generation
How’d it get to be only me?
Like I’m the last damn kid still kicking
That still believes
I will defend the faith
Going down swinging
I will save the songs
That we can’t stop singing

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