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But copycats also have a way of flattering people who take it differently. You should feel good that you are talented and popular enough to actually have copycats...not saying theyre a good thing though.
— ~Thavron0112

These words. They're really true. Think about it, copiers only copy the best and whom they think are attractive to them. Either that, or I'm just dedicated to this stupid job playing dare n daring myself to copy attractive arts, which is really idiotic. I dunno why some people just got that style of art that create urges in people to do the same thing. They also wanna try doing that. Juz trying, even if it means getting busted.

Not all copycats are annoying. Yeah most of them are, but they have this pure weapon of flattery they use to attack other artists so they'd feel flattered. But this so-called purity has always been damaged by extreme annoyingness, outnumbering, maybe even taking control. Yep unfortunately these copiers can't learn to stop their habits, but oh well soon enough they will n become great artists. p.s. we give credit. If someone doesn't give credit then it's plagiarism, its bad, it's stealing art.

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