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Not all shipping are cool….

I was ask about this topic today by someone on DA for his Survey report or something like that,….. I mean yeah true not all OTP / Shippings are cool…
They ask me a few questions, link me some pics of OTP/Shippings see my reaction and my opinion and such, and then asked me again if theres an OTP/Shipping that I find disgusting from the following lists of OTPs they link me

they gave me APH OTP/Shipping list: I have no hatred on that.. I mean come on! Who do not like Chibitalia x Holy Roman Empire, GerIta, RoChu, USUK, FRSey, Ukranada, BelaUS, SuFin, BeLith, Spaingium and last but not least Prugary?
(>// w //<)~ Aah Perfection!

Next they gave me Kingdom Hearts, I saw:
Sora x Riku (eh, not bad I guess)
Axel x Roxas (so-so)
Sora x Kairi (I use to ship them a lot)
Mickey Mouse x Minnie Mouse (who doesnt?)
Donald x Goofy (WADEFUQ SERIOUSLY?! Someone actually ship them?okay NO)
Mickey Mouse x Riku (0_______0)”

and I say: Mickey Mouse x Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

they ask “Why?”

I say
“Hard to say, cos I know I will be hated for saying this… I’m not really into gay or lesbian shipping of old cartoons especially Mickey Mouse and the gang…. more or less Disney Characters! I guess my childhood had set my mind that Disney characters will never be shipped with the same gender. Fairy tails are fairy tails.. You have a Princess stuck in a tower / sleep for so many years / cursed into a scary being by night / poisoned / loose her beautiful voice / honor their family (i know she’s not a princess and mind you that Mulan has prove to all those who watch that woman don’t always stay at home worrying if their husband ever come back from the war, I say Mulan is awesome as a woman and if your into history, there is a history similar to Mulan but slightly different) / and lastly those who chose her own fate. Then there’s a Prince trying to save the Princess form whatever she fell trouble into and the fell in love and they happily ever after live their life till the very end.
My point is, I don’t see why people should be excited over shipping of Mickey Mouse and Riku (who is not Disney, not american, not old cartoons, not a female, not a mouse, and somewhat a japanese design character)
I wouldn’t wanna say disgusting cos that will be rude of me, so I just say I don’t like it, if there are a lot of people who’re really into this 2 shipping, then okay, I don’t mind.”

then they replied “so, what if someone really find YOUR shipping/OTP disgusting?”

I say “Well okay then. I don’t really mind. Different people have taste, or in this case, different people have different taste on OTPs and Shippings, not everyone have the same OTP/Shipping taste. I won’t go around making hatred mail to them or making an angry status. Im just … Okay….”

then they replied again “I see, your views on this topic are very interesting and you are actually the first person to replied me with all those long sentences. Thank you for your help and have a good day.”

the I  ”You are very welcome =D”

soooo… minutes later….. I receive a message in DA.. which seems to be… a very angry  message from an unknown DA user… saying “You are a monster for not liking Riku x Mickey Mouse and I hate your OTPs! ROCHU SUCKS!”

I didnt even bother replying it so I just ignore it and delete. Your view and my view are different, don’t just ran amok around internet just cos I don’t find your taste interesting.

I don’t hate your OTP? Did I rant on internet abou this?

No I didn’t.
Eeeyup. Shipping wars. Some people can handle it very well, some people couldn't, and should never, for this petty war can happen.
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