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Skyping while working on a storyboard for our friend...

Tina: I'll do page 7... page 6 really kills me.

Me: alright i'll color by tonight. Once you're done with page 6. Btw in pg 5 what's the "CLICK" thing you meant?

Tina: Look at the original sketch, now look at the script, now look back to the panel, its a phone call, >click< means the sound of phone hanging up, i'm on a pony

Me: I wish i can like that post.

---another random conversation---

Tina: dont tell me Loki turned into a Slender D=
Me: nope it's just that he's EVERYWHERE. on the freaking internet. SlenderLoki doesnt sound bad though
Tina: *shows Moses as a waterbender pic*
Me: ooh Ive seen the pic with Moses waterbender & the rest of the benders too.. I didnt save the link...
Tina: Musa: I was a bender before it was cool! *hipster Moses*

And later I stumbled upon a picture of Slenderloki on Tumblr. Shit just got real.
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