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If you could dream one thing about Foster The People, how would the story go?

The dream starts when I just bought a new pair of green hot pants for no reason. Said hot pants has an "I DO WHAT I WANT" writing on its left butt cheek. Suddenly a talking dog asked me to follow him to the men's bathroom for no reason. I followed him anyway and ended up in one of the cubicles. I got out and checked my face on the mirror, washed my hands & suddenly wearing the green hot pants I just bought. The dog transformed into Cubbie Fink, suddenly on the front door, laughing & snorting & said "Nice ass, GOD of PRANKS!" I got embarassed & ran back towards the cubicle, but it wasnt empty anymore. Instead, there he was, Mark Foster, taking a massive dump. His pants was down & he was wearing only socks on his feet. I grabbed the hose next to him & suddenly changed into a golden scepter. I blasted open a hole in the wall and escaped the men's bathroom through it but Mark Foster (now with pants) & Cubbie Fink were blocking me, along with Mark Pontius now. They tried smashing me with their keyboard, guitar, & drums and I blocked them with my scepter... which turned into a huge chicken drumstick. And then I said "hey boys, I cant finish this alone, let's eat!" & Mark Pontuis was like "GERONIMOOOO" & nommed the first bite. Then the four of us ate the chicken & got fat & burped. The end.

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