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Ducks always lose to rodents :,[

Me: I wonder why are the ducks in cartoons always get mistreated. 

Donald duck, daffy duck... 

Me: Psyduck's an idiot but he's strong enough if you beat his head enough
Tina: true. Daffy is a killer in idiot's disguise. Donald... he's just a nice family type of guy who get mistreated and taken advantage.
Me: Daffy can be a sadist sometimes
Tina: true.
Me: And we all understand why donald has his temper. But Daffy... i guess all that sadistic behavior comes from jealousy cuz everyone loves Bugs more...
Tina: Very True
Me: *sob* Ducks always lose to rodents T~T
Tina: But he made a great best friend for Bugs LOLOLOL
Me: mhm bugs & daffy, buddies foever & if bugs is like mickey & daffy is like donald then is Taz their Goofy?
Tina: Taz ain't one of Bugs & Daffy's buddies. He's more like Porky the Pig, so I can say Goofy is Porky the Pig or that really fast mouse. Andale andale ariba ariba yeehaaa!!
Me: lol that guy suits Panchito more
Tina: Just cuz he's Mexican? Dude that's racist.
Me: Jk jk... what about the yellow female duck character in looney tunes? whats her name again? Oh wait, her name's Melissa. She's like Daisy. While Lola is like Minnie but Lola's attitude is WAY BADASS than Minnie. Minnie's a sweet goody-goody while Lola Can bitch sometimes.
Tina: How bout the ducks in Tiny Toon?
Me: uhhh i forgot their names but the bunnies are Buster & Babs bunny
Tina: God i love Babs. And Lola is one of the boys, yo, but hot tamales all the way.
Me: Yup. She has attitude & she hates being called "doll" lol
Tina: .....yup... i love her... no homo.
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