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Icy Shots – Now your tailgater can take shots in the parking lot, smash the glass on the ground without fear of popped tires or cut feet. Icy Shots are ice molds made of silicone that form water into shot glasses made of ice. Just like an old school ice tray, just fill up the cavity with water, Kool-aid, juice, etc. set in the freezer and later you have ice shot glasses. Not only will it chill your liquor you can break the glass without remorse. Lady tailgaters have been known to melt chocolate, fill up the Icy Shots and then freeze them for a chocolate shot glass. Then fill it up with Baileys, Kahlua or a sweet desert wine and you have some alcoholic goodness that would make Lindsay Lohan come running. Priced at $7.95, Icy Shots make the perfect stocking stuffer for the tailgater on your list. You can buy icy Shots HERE.
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