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garbage chair the most stupid piece of eco friendly furniture
chair garbage the most stupid piece of eco friendly furniture

Around the world, as people are becoming more conscious about the environment, the demand for eco friendly products is increasing. And when it comes to furniture, the trend of going green is fast picking up. A lot of furniture manufacturers took note this trend and started producingeco-friendly products and ensuring they were readily available.

Now Nick Demarco a student from from the California College of the Arts designed an “eco friendly piece of furniture” named the XS chair that can be filled with anything you have in excess- old clothes, magazines or in this case, garbage and bottles. The prototype is made of vinyl, but Nick says the production models will be made of a recycled plastic mesh. Finally I know that we all need to be eco-conscious, but I don’t think that you can sit comfortably on this kinda green chair that will have sounds of crushing bottles and denting cans when you rest your butt. I don’t know what they teach those students at this college, but there are definitely better ways to recycle your garbage and also to get an eco-friendly seating furniture. Below you can see the a video of Nick describing the chair.

I don't care. I wanna have that chair. I wanna sit on it.

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