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November 2014 - on Avatar: The Legend of Korra

I'm ashamed to say that I've had some weird-ass pre-sleep thoughts after binge-watching A:TLoK.

Like thoughts about Bolin masturbating furiously in a dark room when fantasizing about Opal, and speak of the devil she walked into him and they both shrieked in horror.

I've also had thoughts about Korra & Asami beeing peeping pervs peeping Mako during his bathtime. Mako was skinny-dipping in a grand bathroom for some reason, and Korra & Asami being all Thema-and-Louise-ish hiding in one of the air vents, which was some reason big enough for the two of them to lay beside each other.
They made fun of Mako's junk size and compared their experiences when they were with him and laughed, while still trying to be as quiet as possible cuz Mako was starting to suspect someone was watching him & heard slight voices.
Then there's the slight Korrasami vibe (I didnt know Korrasami was canon back then) when both of them reminisce their times with him & embraced each other tightly while blushing. As Mako began scrubbing every inch of his body everything got slightly hot between Korra & Asami and their hands were almost groping each other...
When suddenly Bolin & Pabu show up from behind, startling the two.
Turns out he's been following them all this time & got left behind. When he saw Mako nekkid in the tub he burst into cackles & tearfully tried to hold back his laughter. The girls went SHUSH & the three of them scatter away from the vent hole cuz Mako's already yelling aimlessly for them to stop spying on him already.

And then theres this weird bit with the Red Lotus in a wooden ship at night. Zaheer & P'li were flirting (they're probably done discussing their anarchy plans and stuff) and all Ming Hua & Ghazan can do was cynically stare at each other. Here goes the WTF bit: the lovebirds, having been love-deprived for 13 years, said they're going for a quickie. Yep you heard that right, a QUICKIE. Ming Hua & Ghazan's reactions were "meh" though. As soon as P'li & Zaheer enter the log cabin on the ship, they dropped their pants & started the penis-in-vagina action while floating on an air scooter. THEY HAD FREAKING SEX ON AN AIR BALL.
Meanwhile outside, Ghazan & Ming Hua jokingly tried to guess what kind of coitus their airbender & firebender buddies are performing. They joked about the weird fetishes that might involve fire & air, and probably guessed some BDSM happening along the way & burst laughing.

My mind is starting to become a Tumblr fan, this is scary.
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