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Dream 7-5-2014

This story was about a stalker/serial killer, but im not sure how exactly it happened. Our fsmily and friends were at a mosque and theres one of my sister's friends whom i observed and thought acted weird, n soon she started blaming my sister for dping something wrong that she didnt do. Days later when everyone found out about the truth they started shunning this "friend" of hers and putting her to shame. We were at the same mosque & she went out the door, slamming. Later some of my sisters' friends from that mosque had a sleepover in our big house with my family n weirdly we all sleep in one huge bed, cramming everything. Soon it was time to do the dawn prayer and someone called my grandpa's phone. He answered it and it was from that psycho girl. Same goes with my uncle's and sister's phones. After we prayed we felt hints that she was in our house, trying to either kill us or use us for something else by trying to "befriend" us first in her weird ways. Prayer after prayer, she did try making friends with me by striking obnoxious conversations but i shrugged her off.

This went on repetitively for a few nights.

The final night, we started to sleep in the dark and not make a sound since we figured she might come back for us. My grandpa's and uncle's phones rang again & we panicked shortly but i say not to answer them. I also suggested them to change numbers and service providers so she couldnt track down our house anymore. It almost failed cuz once again she made it inside our big room.


We heard news from my sisters' other friends who didnt stay over in our house. I read one girl's blog and she said she was getting married to her best friend whose name is Nadya (apparently theyre a lesbian couple) and she received a locket which strangely was blank at first but then grew scratches all by itself. The locket is made of steel and it's an off-red heart, and the scratches were black. Quickly this girl dipped the locket in mercury (or some other preservative substance) and stopped the scratches before growing a few more & making 13 scratches. There were only 7 scratches at the moment and she said that lucky it didnt made 13 yet, otherwise the psycho girl (whose name was Aisha) came to her or Nadya's house and might do some serious stalking and damage.


Long story short, this 'Aisha' someone never bothered us anymore. We did encounter some other stalkers too and this time they were guys (but i forgot their names) but in the end we solved these cases.


The next few days (or probably years since my sisters now live in an apartment) my mom and I wanted to visit them & we were supposed to go outside to eat that night. She asked me to go upstairs yo fetch them since she doesnt feel like going up the lift. Turns out there was a Tukul stand up comedy late night show on the lobby and she prefered to sit down n watch it for a while.


As i went up the lift heading for the 13th floor there was a creepy guy entering from the 6th floor. He tried striking a conversation with me using creepy-ass cliches like "whats your name" and "you should give me a smile" bit i jist ignored him like he wasnt there and maybe flipped the bird after he got off at tje 11th floor. Later i arrived at my sister's block n was greeted by her housemate. The place was quite small between the elevator n the doors, but one apartment unit was quite huge. I grabbed both my sisters saying that mom was already downstairs.

The dream ended there.

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