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Pre-sleep thought 30/3/2014

What if Johnny Bravo is genderbent n he becomes Joanie Bravo? She'll be this muscular n busty girl who's always horny when she sees hot guys. N instead of Johnny says "whoa mama" when he sees hot girls, Joanie says "whoa daddy" whenever she sees hot guys, but she still does the monkey dance n has the same other catchphrases as Johnny. And the signature shades.

The rest of the characters:
Carl becomes Carla
Little Suzy becomes little Stu/Stewie (lol like family guy)
N the mother Bunny Bravo becomes Barney Bravo (n he spoils Joanie cuz she's a daddy's girl)

Then again Johnny Bravo is kind of parodying Johnny Quest... maybe somebody should genderbend Johnny Quest characters too.

All this because I got reminded of that episode where Johnny and Carl dressed in a drag just to get in the beauty pageant show.
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