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15.08.2012 (sent from Qaiku)

I just stumbled upon an old comic doodle with me, MxCxS, DRD, Hercules characters & the Black Parade. And the Patient was hyper as f^^k.
Referring back to the war we had where I was the 3rdPartyDumbass, I flew into the sun & fell right onto the Black Parade, and Herc and his friends were there & the patient laughed & made fun of short people (first Icarus, then Phil), and he was so hyper & goofing off like FFFUUU he even sang Bow Wow's "Shorty Like Mine". WUT.

Not to mention Hercules, Icarus & Cassandra were dressed in Black Parade attires too. Hercules had a parader uniform on, Cassandra too (but Fear & Regret version), and Icarus had the Patient's attire on, which the Patient LOL'd for him being too short.

Then he continued to make fun of Phil for being shorter than his wheelchair. And I held up a pair of shorts & that made him laugh even harder. Gerard was explaining stuff & Mikey was beside him but he fell asleep.

And it all ends with Chris Brown fighting Pete Wentz. Both were vampires.

And more comics about copying on deviantART & how I was the awesomest parodist ever. Wow no wonder I was such a jerkwad back then.

It was all fun & herpderp as my imagination interpreted it; maybe not so much as what other people ACTUALLY think about the life & times back then. especially the people who are actually involved. Especially the vicitims I copied & parodied. Those who stopped being my friends eventually. The people who tried to get even with me by the means of revenge.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
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