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August 24 2014

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Tina had this dream and it was heartbreaking. PLUS when she woke up she was accompanied with a sad song that she recorded & it goes well with the sadness.

April 03 2014

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Yet again a ZorWita picture to make Tina nosebleed to death cuz I'm a troll.
And that's the last one for this week (or month)'s copying spree.

March 25 2014

Steven Universe artdump
...plus bits of Hetalia, One Piece and Shrek

I've been watching a lot of Steven Universe and for the past few days my hands itch to draw the characters. They start out as notebook sketches as usual.
I also wanted to see the Crystal Gems in different outfits so yeah.

Connie... I felt like drawing her with Seychelles (Hetalia) probably cuz they both live in beach-ish areas (well Connie moves around but for now she stays in Beach City).
Nevermind the foods below them are fictional snacks I might use in my next comic.

3rd row: Zoro with myoo89's One Piece OC Juwita.
And Luffy with Steven embracing their matchy-matchyness, and Pearl trying to figure out how digital cameras work (then again she's quite brainy so she probably figured this one quick

Onion and Shrek. Just because.

Lars and Sadie doing their donut dance or something

and lastly, to join Pearl with the digital camera, here's Garnet with a cellphone and Amethyst with a PSP. Garnet's probably sitting down.
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