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September 21 2014


Ylvis - Trucker's Hitch

(via collegehumor)




The time has come to tie this knot once and for all!


About Trucker's Hitch

It’s like Ylvis giving us (the most powerful fans in the world) a great great challenge:

Learn to do the Trucker’s Hitch.

aw man these guys are back & this time their song has hidden instructions that might be useful someday
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September 02 2014




Dean says pie
Bobby says balls
Sam says moose
And Crowley says boys

But there’s one sound,
That no one knows
What does the Cas say?

Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean
Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean

Can somebody pls make an audio of this

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May 23 2014

3856 bbe4

Line has more animal emojis than Whatsapp

I saw the chance and I took it

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November 02 2013


October 31 2013

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The fox has the right idea

not actually patrick stump but YES PLEASE I TRUST THIS FOX

October 23 2013



things to say during sex;

  • ring ding ding ding dingeringeding
  • wa pa pa pa pa pa pow
  • hatee hatee hatee ho
  • joff tchoff tchoffo tchoffo tchoff
  • jacha chacha chacha chow
  • kraka kaka kaka kaka kow
  • a hee ahee ha hee
  • a oo oo oo ooo

somebody’s getting foxy tonight

October 03 2013


October 01 2013

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▶ Ylvis - The Fox
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