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September 12 2013

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Can we talk about this because not a lot of people are as far as i have seen

This is SHSL Doujin Writer Yamada Hifumi. One of my most favorite characters in the Dangan Ronpa series. Probs five outta top five, but that’s not the point. He is kind of a pervert and a lot of people tend to interpret him as just that.

but he’s not. You’re missing a HUGE target.

Right when Celes was telling him Ishimaru got “rough” with her, he didn’t laugh or be perverted, he actually got infuriated. Like, really really angry. Not just cause if the hall monitor “stealing” Alter Ego, but for laying hands on a lady!

Yamada may write doujins where things here and other things are there but he knows that what celes is telling him is not funny and actually shows a very realistic and important reaction.

so the next time you think yamada would be just a pervert and only care for gross things, remember this..

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