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February 27 2015

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I just thought of the word "lordgasm" in the cafe during lunch & told Tina & Reisha. Apparently Tina loved the word so much she tweeted it XD XD
Reisha gave out a better explanation though

February 26 2015

Daniel Gonzales faved Tina's tweet from earlier this year and she just realized that & is now hyper-OMG-SENSEI-NOTICED-ME-ing

February 18 2015

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Trolling the Brunswick chef at my office. Had to tell Tina cuz I wish she was there

February 16 2015

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Tina was upset about the upcoming finals and to cheer her up (and cuz I was in a silly mood) I blurted out some puns that were suddenly popping out in my head.

February 11 2015

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Tina's arm was hurting & because of that we both tried typing with our left hands making a lot of typos.

and suddenly she remembered a radio dj who cant pronounce 'chemical'

February 10 2015

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last night's pre sleep thought was wack

February 02 2015

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I told myoo89 another what-if theory which involves Mako moving in with Korra & Asami after the two girls married, which reminds me of Humon’s comic Niels (where Niels live with a married couple & every night he had a threesome with the two)
Tina just NOPED straight away.

January 24 2015

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"a mutha-frick-frackin A" you say...

January 19 2015

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Another highdea thought up so late at night, during the day before the apple comic highdea was born. Tina & I talked about places to visit in China and then suddenly about drama & telenovela but the actors are acting while eating tempe & the thought was batshit hilarious.
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Comic HIGHdea popping up just because Tina was craving fruity slushies from 7Eleven

January 09 2015

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KameHameHa sounds like TurtleDurdleDoo

January 03 2015


December 24 2014

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Rofling about Panini & her strong desire to have lots of babies ever since she's a kid.

December 01 2014


November 16 2014

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Tina & I talking about Big Hero 6, elements & Avatar bending stuff and how we're indecisive about what element to bend.
and then we thought if we're so indecisive, why dont we take 2-3 elements & combine them & we can bend specific stuff.

October 26 2014

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Tina and I might be going on another adventure in another fanfic after that Owlce-ler & Lorax Owl hijink.
Reposted byfadenb fadenb

October 25 2014

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There was a recent campaign in Malaysia called "I Wanna Touch A Dog" or something and the purpose was to eliminate bias, fear & hatred of dogs among Malaysian Muslims (and also teaching them how to cleanse themselves after handling dogs). Unfortunately there were conservatives who condemn this event and spread news that the dude holding this event was part of a Zionist agenda, wanting to make a new branch of religion out of Islam, etc.
Kamila said if those news were proven false, then these conservatives are the ones who are more at fault cuz spreading false accusations is a sin. I sorta trust her on this cuz her answers regarding religion stuff are always better than mine.

October 13 2014

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Showing Tina some plushies and other things found in Hua Ho Manggis and some of the plushies matched our gang.

Also the birthday prediction, I dont buy them. But lol it's funny thinking how Tina's gonna act one day if she's married.
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Tina and me singing Northern Downpour by PATD with emojis
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