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February 27 2015



My Chinese Foreign-exchange friend asks me the most hilarious question. I can’t even.

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August 27 2014

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after going to the duck farm I told Daniel about it cuz he's a fan of ducks, and we talked about animals some more & he wants to get a dachsund & name it Bratwurst. And then there's Kevin's reply.

August 04 2014

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screenshots of media attachment in some phone chat apps [X]

June 19 2014

Sin Cakes emoticons: Pride Cake
Supposed to be a contest entry for Wechat emoticon contest, but I took too long preparing this.

Part 6 of the 7 Sin Cakes

May 23 2014

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Kevin and I suddenly talking about smartphone brands (the more indie, lesser known ones that are starting to take over the markets). Mainly mentioned the Chinese, Indonesian & Malaysian brands here and suddenly remembered that Fareda uses Exmobile.

Btw that Oppomizu fusion idea isn't bad after all. That is, if Oppo, Xiaomi & Meizu decides to work together to create a huge super-mega-smartphone or something

January 29 2014

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Told Kevin about a comic idea I had for our whole gang and it all started with that emoji he had.

August 08 2013

There's just something about cups and mugs that I like...

July 30 2013


July 16 2013

Comparing WeChat, Line & KakaoTalk & how they aren't much different. I was chatting with three different friends and for Kakaotalk I sort of used a different theme :P
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July 09 2013

chat apps dresses/personification
Top: Whatsapp, Viber, KakaoTalk
Middle: RockeTalk, Line, WeChat
Bottom: Palringo, Skype, Oovoo
yes, I have them all

And they sort of have the same hair cuz I basically based them all off of my youngest sister. I guess you can say in this picture I made my little sister dress up as these chat apps.
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