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February 16 2015


May 20 2014

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How I've explained web development to non-tech people
(via 9GAG)
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March 03 2014

Although there is no exact formula to making a perfect landing page, there are some common rules of thumb to increase your chances of making a winning one. If you’re looking for ideas on where to start with your next landing page design, the infographic below is a great place to begin. And remember, after you build your first landing page you must continually test variations to improve your conversion metrics.

Landing page design
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November 17 2013

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Simplicity in Web and Graphic Design

It’s pretty clear that graphic designers across the web are enthusiastically exploring the nuances and simple beauty of modern minimalism. Whether it’s in flat icons,logos or tiled images, minimalist designs are created to make web experiences smoother, more enjoyable and easier than ever to understand.

November 16 2013

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The History of Web Design
(via Visual.ly)
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February 28 2013

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What most schools don't teach - code.org

July 04 2012

Professionally Made Flash Websites for Your Inspiration
Creative Minimal and Super Clean Web Designs
(more here)
55 Beautifully Blue Web Designs To Inspire You
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Red Web Designs to Inspire You
(more here)
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