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September 25 2017

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Old tweets from two years ago based on some unimportant comment from like 10 years ago from someone judging me cuz I was on dA too much.

November 06 2014



This will cover my views on what the differences are between Weeaboos and Anglophiles/Japanophiles are, because believe it or not, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

Let’s break down the definitions of four words now: (remember there is difference between culture and pop-culture)

Japanophile - A foreign person who embraces Japanese culture. Culture ranges from its animation to its music to its literature to its history to its film. They tolerate and understand other nations, but they hold Japan to be their favorite country or have actual educated reasons why Japan is the best country.

Weeaboo -A foreign person who loves Japan only for its anime, manga, music (mostly featured in anime openings/endings), and video games (in other words, their modern day pop culture in general). They also tend to be hold Japan highest in regards to other nations because of their culture, and bash anything that isn’t Japanese for not being Japanese (in fact, I think they would find Japanese culture and history and customs to be boring). Female weeaboos love Japanese men and hold them greater than their own men. They want to live in Japan for its anime and junk only.

Anglophile - A foreign person who loves the United Kingdom for its culture and history and embraces it. They like everything from its literature to its history to its modern media. They also respect other nationalities while holding the UK to be their favorite nation (and have some actual reasons to claim why the UK is the greatest nation).

Britaboo/Angloboo/Britboo - A foreign person who only likes England for its pop-culture. Just like a weeaboo, they only obsess over British TV shows and other pop-culture things. They probably don’t care much for its rich history and classic literature as well. Also, female Britboos hold British men over their own men. They want to live in England for the pop-culture only. 

If you noticed this, there are two pairs of words that share the same suffix: -boo and -phile. This is where we get down to my views. A -boo is one who only loves a country for its pop-culture and is driven to the point of unhealthy obsession. A -phile has a healthy liking for the country because of its history, sites, and culture.

There are other types of -philes out there, such as Sinophiles (lovers of China), Francophiles (lovers of France), Koreaphiles (lovers of Korea), and in countries outside America, we have Americanophiles. But there may be those obsessed with those nations to the point of being blind to other nations. One other big example is a Koreaboo (who swoons over K-Pop to unhealthy levels).

Hopefully this clears up to you what the difference is to these words, and I hope you guys don’t abuse Japanophile or Anglophile as a negative slur against those who may not be Weeaboos or Britaboos.

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