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June 03 2015

Don't fight about money in front of your kids.




They will feel guilty like it’s their fault and not ask for necessities when they run out.

Don’t fucking do it.

Don’t use money AGAINST your kids either. Don’t EVER tell them money is tight when it’s not, and they KNOW it’s not. That’s another way for them to not trust you or to feel guilty when asking for anything. 

Also don’t use money as a guilt tactic for them not doing something or not agreeing with you.

“I buy your food and your clothes and this and that and this is how you repay me?”

They didn't ask to be born, you made the choice to have a child and take care of them as a responsible parent. Don’t throw that guilt on them and make them feel like shit over what they couldn’t control.

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April 13 2015


Random PSA



I just got reminded of this because someone tweeted about sneaking chipotle into the movie theater. 

When you sneak food into a theater, DO NOT throw the trash away in their garbage’s. The employees get written up, and possibly fired when the managers find out that people are sneaking in food. 
I understand that concessions is over priced so I get why you sneak in food, but please don’t get someone in trouble for it. Just throw away the trash at home. 

Reposting this because at my work tonight someone literally got fired on the spot because someone snuck a beer in. 
Don’t destroy someone’s source of income just because you didn’t want to put your garbage in your jacket for 10 minutes.

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April 07 2015


“All media should start having trigger warnings for graphic or upsetting content.”

You mean like these:



reposting because I didn’t know these

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April 04 2015



when you tell a man how he has hurt you and his response is “oh I’m such a piece of shit I’m a terrible person omg omg” and mentions/does nothing at all w/re: to your pain

(and then you’re the one reassuring and comforting him of course you are, again)

This is a abuser tactic. If a man does this, he is a toxic person and a manipulator who needs to be avoided forever.

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July 21 2014

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March 18 2014


Alleged Sexual Abuse in the YouTube Community and How We React


Wow. So a lot of things are happening all at once and I honestly don’t have much to contribute but I’m so rattled up I just have to type something.

There are multiple allegations circulating right now regarding a handful of male British YouTubers and their potentially unacceptable behaviour with young female fans. I’m not going to name names simply because I don’t have any evidence to support either side. As an ignorant bystander it’s not my place to condemn anyone. I’ll leave the judging to the… well… to the judges.

I’ll admit that I’m morbidly fascinated by the development of these situations but in no way thrilled. I’d much prefer my colleagues to have not abused people; not because it’d be more convenient but so thatno one had been subjected to abuse at all. It’s fucking awful and all I can hope is that justice is done and future generations learn from our mistakes.

Hell, I’m determined that people learn from my mistakes; I’ve been a shitty and ignorant person in my life. When I was teenager I thought it was totally okay and not creepy/illegal to solicit dirty photographs from anyone and everyone. I was a dumb horny kid and I hope like hell I can prevent a few of you from being as stupid and destructive as I was.

What these recent events have shown is that, at least in a small way, victims are becoming more comfortable with speaking up and people are listening. That is awesome. No one should be ashamed or afraid of bringing their abusers to justice. However, it could also be argued that people’s eagerness to believe every single claim (including ones made by anonymous users presenting zero evidence) is a little bit worrying.

Our legal systems are largely based on the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” and that’s a good thing. It’s not perfect but it certainly cuts down on pitchfork-wielding mobs and witch hunts. That said, every allegation of a crime should be taken seriously. Primarily so that justice can be done in the event of wrongdoings but also so that folk know there are consequences to making false claims.

I guess all I’m saying is this: if any of these folk were sexually abusing others then I hope they get locked up real quick. However, is it our place as largely uninformed bystanders to take on the roles of judge, jury and executioner? Does that help the situation or does it demote a serious criminal offence into “drama?” Should we not take a step back, allow what should be a criminal investigation to take place and then base our reactions on those results?

I’m open to being wrong on this matter. I’d love to hear your opinions.

- Tom

To anybody that feels like they have been abused - you don’t have to suffer in silence. The NSPCC is there 24 hours a day to listen to you, offer advice and support - and you can speak to them anonymously without fear of people reacting on Tumblr. Their number is 0808 800 5000 and it won’t show up on your phone bill. You can also call ChildLine on 0800 1111, even if you’re over 16.

February 11 2014

Poster: The Ocean N The Trash Can

There was this river near where we live in Bintaro and the sad thing about it is people keep throwing their trash in it, so eventhough the good samaritans clean the lakes everyday, piles of garbage will show up the next day and that sucks for them. Sometimes I wish Jakarta has trash bins and recycle bins installed on public roads.

Maybe that inspired the random thought that became this poster. I drew ocean waves cuz... i dont know why I didn't draw a river in the first place. And I feel as if I should change the tagline if I was being serious, but I'm just gonna leave it like that for comedic purposes.
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June 15 2013


May 21 2013


November 16 2012


April 26 2012


April 17 2012


April 15 2012

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Typical homestuck fans

I bet the girl is masturbating when she saw the two guys, possibly waiting for them to make out with each other.
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March 05 2012

Bike ninja
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September 26 2011

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