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February 23 2014

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I want to share this picture as its one of the happiest moments of my life, on this day me and my cousin (the girl in the bed) were due to see and meet my chemical romance in cardiff as we were at bristol childrens hospital and this was her ‘willow foundation’ wish (like make a wish but for older), she was so happy at the thought of meeting them but two days before the doctors told her she couldnt go cause it was too close to her chemotherapy and she was at too much risk of infection and this literally broke her heart, being a fan of them since they had started they were her inspiration, her everything.

so the day that we were meant to go see them came and we were in bed, depressed about the prospects of not going. then she got a call, iit was MCR managers asking if she would still like to meet them, of course she said yes but explained she couldnt cause of chemo and then they told her that would come to her.

at that moment i welled up with happiness, unbelievable.

but they did, they bought her every peice of merch from the tour and took photos and just had a lovely chat, she was so happy and i was shaking from shock. we just couldnt believe it and yknow what the best thing was? there was no media just us in her hospital room meeting our heros and it was breathtaking.

later i talked to one of the nurses who said that when they were told she couldnt come they themselves decided to travel the hour and half out there way to make her dreams come true!

so here it is, thankyou. thankyou, thankyou.

i honestly cannot say thankyou more, unfortunatly she lost her battle with cancer and i miss her so much everyday but pictures like this get me through and make me realise there are some genuine nice people out there.

Thankyou guys and thankyou shyla for being the best friend i could ask for and thankyou willow foundation for making this happen.

I love you all so much <33

I’m about to fucking cry. That was beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss

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August 21 2013

How many times a day do you visit Ask.fm?

At least once. Sometimes thrice when I have nothing to do.
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August 01 2013


September 14 2012



deer visits cat every morning since it was a kitten


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November 06 2011

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Linkin Park visit Ishinomaki City with Save The Children

October 29 2011

World of Muggles, World of Yaoi. by Detharmonics
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