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August 13 2017

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Kevin showed us this in our Whatsapp group. Puns ensue.
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June 17 2015

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dont foret

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February 11 2015

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Tina's arm was hurting & because of that we both tried typing with our left hands making a lot of typos.

and suddenly she remembered a radio dj who cant pronounce 'chemical'

November 28 2014


September 27 2014

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So this happened on Line as I shared the official Line account's fried chicken pun post to Tina and then more chicken puns > typo > puns of the typo > more worldplay and we ended up with "the irony of frying Al Gore's meat"

the leafblower emoticon is a totally different story

June 05 2014

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From a typo sparked a thought that has been already thought about pronouncing "w" the right way

January 28 2014

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The time Kamila and I invented a name based on two annoying typos I typed

May 19 2013


June 09 2012


August 23 2011


That awkward moment when you accidentally type a ;) instead of a :)


And you send it, and you’re like

“Now they think I want their dick!”

May 29 2011

Maybe that's just a typo, but it's still funny.

April 25 2011

FRODEO Baggins. nuff said.
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