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June 23 2015

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does anyone else have this same problem or is it just me?
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May 05 2015


October 10 2014

Why some people never smile
If smiling is healthier, better & more inviting for people, WHY is it that some faces are just NOT meant for smiling?

This is a problem for some of my friends as well. Sure they'd smile when they laugh at jokes but on camera they'd rather show poker faces (or natural bitchfaces). Occasionally they would smile but never teethily because y'know, THIS happens.

September 26 2014

Forming Complete Sentences Is Hard
Whether trying to explain something verbally to a group of people, trying to make a speech in a presentation, confessing your feelings for someone, trying to apologize, etc. you're always gonna pass through this awkward period of buffering for words and trying to arrange them in order. And it's usually done LESS THAN AN INSTANT when the situation calls for you to speak in an instant. And flawlessly.

Debaters and stand-up comedians have talent. That is all.
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Boob sizes and perception
Sort of a continuation of the Pants comic here.
(I might turn these things into a webcomic series.)

And it's also based on my actual frustration, cuz honestly, my boobs are average-sized, but since people *coughmyfamilycough* keep calling them big, I counterattacked them & prefer to call them small & say I'm amost flat-chested most of the time. If they were actually big then lying down on my stomach would be uncomfortable, and I lie down & sleep on my stomach a lot.
(also I was mistaken for a boy a lot too which means my boobs can't be that big).

Cheers to people with the same problem *toasts*
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April 24 2014

Pants - normal speed vs rush
A little something since I've been busy looking for jobs and this other freelance comic I'm working on.

As expected I got the idea when I was putting on my jeans. Pretty sure everyone feels the same way... if not, it depends on what kind of pants you're wearing, but this rule applies especially if you're putting on skinny jeans.
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