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October 24 2013

I'm probably considered a heavy breather but why is it that I can't stop laughing at the heavy breathing part of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive"?

October 10 2013

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Now you know the truth of what’s going through my mind at parties.

oh my gosh the last panel actually made me tear up


I can’t tell you how accurate this is


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July 28 2013

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Change your thoughts and you change your world.
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May 14 2013

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What My Brain Does Before Bed
Scumbag brain.

March 19 2013


Friends: Final Thoughts

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January 18 2013


January 13 2013

... feels great
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November 30 2012


Since 2010, Spanish artist Alejandro Guijarro has been traveling to several Quantum Mechanics institutions across the globe. He photographs their blackboards that are filled with the mathematical scribblings of some of the greatest minds in the world. The photographer walks into each facility's lecture halls and proceeds to snap shots of the blackboards without modifying the board or interfering with the original arrangement of the space. The ongoing series titled Momentum presents an honest look at the intellectual scrawls, some of which have been wiped away.

Momentum is on display at Tristan Hoare in London through November 30, 2012.

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November 27 2012


November 08 2012


Brief thoughts on The Lorax

So I just watched the Lorax and couldn't help thinking about whether genetic engineers & biologists will be able to create truffula trees in real life (so we can make thneeds), and also what happens after the trees have regrown, the lives of the people in Thneedville, and the Once-ler, the Lorax and the animals in the forest. AND OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. FEELS. THE ENDING. THAT HUG. IT SHOULD BE LONGER. IT JUST SHOULD.

And tell me I'm not the only one who has this headcanon-ish thought about after time passing and the forest is restored sometime later, Ted & his family, along with Audrey (who is probably already in college and Ted is in high school) spend their summer at the Once-ler's just to enjoy nature. There, they're greeted by the Lorax and the animals and then they stayed at the Once-ler's house cuz it's huge and stuff, and Ted & Audrey played with the animals and swam in the river while Grammy Norma sat down, seemingly bonding with the Once-ler while they talk about trees back in the old days & stuff. And since there are more truffula trees and it's the future we're talking about, the Once-ler would probably be starting to make & sell thneeds again cuz he'd probably be using some sort of harvesting device to gather the fluffy truffula leaves without chopping them down. And Ted and his family and Audrey get free thneeds cuz they help plant the last truffula seed in Thneedville.
I dunno. Strange thoughts before bed. It happens.

But what if the filmmakers decided to make a sequel of the movie... no, I just can't imagine. Dr Seuss only write one book about the Lorax. I can't imagine a sequel, but it's up to them entirely.

(Lol I know some of you ship Once-ler & Grammy Norma together & wish they'd just get married so he can be Ted's stepgrandpa :P)

Another thing. When the Once-ler introduced the thneed to the Lorax, his salesperson-like explanation reminds me of that creepy salesman character in my Owl City Electric Toothbrush comic. Plus he was wearing red (which makes him look like Pete Wentz in Brendon Urie's outfit), cuz if it were green, I would've subconsciously based him on the Once-ler and yet that time I haven't even watched The Lorax yet D: this is a funny coincidence.

September 23 2012

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THIS IS WHY. We need to sleep in the day and do awesome stuff at night.
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June 23 2012


April 24 2012

Mei has no single clue at all.

April 23 2012


Zombie Phrenology
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January 17 2012

relax, it's wednesday
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December 13 2011


November 19 2011


September 23 2011

August 27 2011

August 26 2011

Pre-sleep thoughts 18-3-2013

Amidst thinking & reviewing about Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, Running Man and other series, I suddenly thought a bit of a storyline about Mickey Mouse and his friends. Well, only Goofy and Donald Duck though.


Goofy and Donald were looking depressed, staring at the puddle on the ground. They were wondering why they were depressed and sat down on a log. Mickey appeared from behind, greeted them, sat in the middle of the log and pat their backs. "Hey guys, why the long faces?" he asked.

"I miss Maxie" replied Goofy. Currently his son Max had grown up & graduated from college, and now either looking for a job or already having one.

"I miss being one of the Three Caballeros," replied Donald, then carrying on telling about how he had a great time with Panchito and Jose, going to places and solving problems and mysteries and dancing and all that jazz (or should I say samba). Mickey cheered him up telling him that he and Goofy are still there for Donald whenever he feels alone, and he's still got his family. Donald then proceeded to complain about his nephews constantly making trouble, and mean-ass money-loving uncle Scrooge, always refusing to pay & stuff.


"I understand, I have nephews myself" Mickey responded. "But Morty and Ferdie are helpful, look at Huey, Dewey & Louie. They're mischievous little rebels and they'll drive you crazy if they don't get what they want >:V" argued Donald. Mickey said Morty & Ferdie aren't always like that, and that little boys will always act like that, at least until they grew up. Goofy overheard this and made him miss Max even more.


Goofy sighed and said he missed his (ex/late? who knows) wife/gif whom he had Max with. He's been looking for dates in the meantime but for some reason he can't move on. Max is the only family he had in his life for now. "At least you guys have Minnie and Daisy" he added, sulking. Donald was like "dude be careful what you wished for, Daisy nags all the time" & Goofy & Mickey were like "I don't blame her for the way you acted like sometimes". Donald was like "ah phooey" and they all chuckled a little.


Mickey then stood up, trying to motivate his two pals by saying that one day when he and Minnie got married, they'll have the cutest little babies that Goofy can babysit. Eventhough Max is all grown up the babies can help Goofy overcome his wish for max to be a kid again or some sort. Donald stood up, not wanting to lose to Mickey, and said the same thing; when he and Daisy eventually get married their babies will be cuter than Mickey and Minnie's babies and he'd let Goofy babysit them more often. Goofy blushed and went all "aw shucks guys, stappit" and the three of them hugged for a short period of time then walked off. Eventhough their depression isn't completely cured, they still received an abundant amount of optimism enough to put smiles on their faces.


Srsly I had no idea what was I on.

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