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August 05 2013

Gift for Fareedamatt
Truth is when I saw RandomPanic's Gift For Putrithewicked during 2008 (back when I met Fareda) I kinda wanna draw the same picture as this for her. As a motivator, seeing that she had problems with her life that time.

I never got the time to do it though. Until now. I feel so ashamed that this turned out obviously similar, coloring techniques and holes and swirls and all.

July 24 2013

Me, Myoo89 & thisisFreda getting crazy high voice-chatting with each other on KakaoTalk. Pardon our off-key singing.

Me: *singing Lullaby by Fall Out Boy* Honey is for bees, silly bear, besides there's jellybeans everywhere. It's not what it seems in the land of dreams, don't worry your head, just go to sleep.
Tina: *sings along* It doesn't matter how you feel, life is just a ferris wheel, it's always up and down don't make a sound...
Fareda: *clueless* ...I am already lost...
Me: When you wake up the world will come around~
Tina: When you wake up the world will come around~
Fareda: I'm terribly lost with you guys, but it's fun, alright
Me: It's just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers, in the morning it will all be better, it's not what it seems in the-EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

(at this point we were all laughing but we didnt record it)

Fareda: meow~ *testing husky voice*
Me: *singing Some Nights by Fun.* some nights I stay up getting crazy with you guys, some nights I just *snores*
Tina: You should put that as a ringtone!
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