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June 01 2017

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These Birds Walk (2013)

Today, July 8, 2016, Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away. The aforementioned documentary on his like (These Birds Walk), does a a serviceable job of teaching you of a great man. A man who some considered the greatest humanitarian alive.

He funded the Edhi Foundation after himself being a beggar, putting together the money he earned & community help to put together a very small house to help house the mentally ill, sick, and homeless. Today the Edhi Foundation is continuously growing, helping house everyone in need including children which is HUGE in Pakistan which suffers greatly with child kidnappings. He was called the greatest humanitarian alive by Huff Post & was given numerous honors including a Nobel Peace Prize nomination from the father of Malala Yousafzai.

He passed away due to kidney failure, before he passed he asked that everything be donated to anyone in need. Please, take a second to read up on a man who exemplified being a human, thoughtful & caring beyond  measure.

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