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May 07 2015


The Strokes have given the NME an exclusive track-by-track guide to their third album ‘First Impressions of Earth’.

“It’s a little different,” warns guitarist Nick Valensi. “But I think people will still be able to tell it’s The Strokes – they just sound a little bit more mature.”

‘You Only Live Once‘ - Foot-stamping opener

Fab: “I remember Julian playing this on the pianoo and me thinking that it was fucking awesome! I felt like I knew this song already.”

‘Juicebox‘ – Ballsy, gonzo-rock-sized first single

Albert: “We heard the riff and it was like, ‘Dude, that’s it, let’s get in the studio!”
Julian: “No, when I first played that riff a lot of people thought I was joking.
Was it influenced by a cop show’s theme?
Julian: “No”
(Rest of band start singing cop tune themes.)  

‘Heart In A Cage‘ – A younger, edgy cousin of Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’

Fab: “This song was going to be on the last record – ‘Private Dick’, it was once called – but it was too late. It was a blessing in disguise, really, because had it been recorded back then, I don’t think it would have worked out as well.”

‘Razorblade‘ - Sounds a bit like Barry Manilow’s ‘Mandy’ – remarkably, this is actually a good thing

Fab: “Razorblade was one of the first songs we sat down and played together. Oh, and it was the first trans-computer gigs we’ve ever done!”
Rest of band: “Er?”
Julian: “Trans-comp…? Oh, I emailed it to you…”

‘On The Other Side‘ - A slow, choppy ode to the spirit realm?

Fab: “I remember when Julian first played it for us he had a cold and he sounded like a fucking bullfrog. Like Johnny Cash one testosterone steroids!”

‘Vision of Division‘ – An angry sounding mix of throat-shredding vocals and bad-ass guitar lines

Fab: “I heard this over at Albert’s house and the guys played it for me and it was completely different.”
Julian: “No, that was ‘Ize of the World’. He’s getting it confused because sometimes our songs swap.”

‘Ask Me Anything‘ – The Strokes totally stripped, just synth-strings and Julian’s bare vocals

The lyrics are fairly morose. What kind of mood were you in when you wrote it, Julian?
Julian: “Suicidal! No, I’m usually in a fairly neutral mood when I’m writing. It just comes from other times and things sinking in, it’s very subconscious.
So who actually plays on the track then?
Fab: “Billy Joel. Yeah, we got him in to play the mellotron.” [It was actually Nick Valensi]

‘Electricityscape‘ - Big chorus, static-fried vocals and clipped guitars. A Strokes classic?

Albert: “I remember falling asleep when a few of you guys were working on this one.
Fab: “Ha! Yeah! Albert fell asleep face-down on his guitar!”

‘Killing Lies‘ - Rhythm-led pounder that oscillates between euphoria and introspection

Fab: ‘Killing Lies’ was first arranged and brought to life at the studio of the Dandy Warhols. They invited us to dinner, they’re great guys. Sorry, great guys and a girl.”

‘Fear of Sleep’ - Slow-building monster. Boasts some of Julian’s best lung-busting singing

Fab: “This was one of the most difficult songs on the record. To arrange, I mean. It just never seemed right at some points and then it did.”

‘15 Minutes’ – A badly behaved drinking anthem. Surprisingly reminiscent of Shane Macgowan

Nick: “We had two different ways to play it. A very Pogues-y version, and a punk-rock version. Then they became one and the same.”

‘Ize of the World‘ – A hip-swinging little tune which sees The Strokes take aim at modern alienation

What are the Ize Of The World?
Albert: “Isn’t it what every word ends with? Modernize, computerize…(Julian shakes head) Or am I wrong? I’m wrong.”
Julian: “Once you hear the lyrics to the song, it’s pretty clear what it means.”

‘Evening Sun‘ - Stoic yet determined, possibly the most ‘classic Strokes’ sounding song here

Fab: “Julian first did this and we found it on Gordon [Raphael, producer]‘s computer. We went up to Julian and said, ‘Why didn’t you play us this song?’. It’s become one of my favourites. Oh, and he and I both played the drums.”
Julian: “Oh, please don’t print that.”
Fab: “Are you going to deny that? If you listen to the end you hear that there are two drummers.”

‘Red Light‘ – A sprightly and dexterous closer

Julian: “OK, I have a story about this one, but I’m not sure I should tell it.”
Fab: “Dude, it’s the last one. Tell it or I will hit you!”
Julian: “All over my body? OK…somebody got me tickets for Mozart’s ‘Requiem’, I was just really stoned, so afterwards I thought it would be cool to write something inspired by opera. I went back, got this really strong melody together and there it was….’Red Light’!”
(The band applaud the story.)

May 06 2015

Anonymous asked:
Is Nick a practicing Jew? Cuz i saw him wearing a star of David necklace
Nick’s ethnically Jewish and wears a star of David necklace, but has never said anything publicly about his religious beliefs.

Additionally, Albert Hammond Jr actually converted to Judaism so Nick wouldn’t be the only Jewish person in the band.

Here’s a photo of the necklace, plus it’s a nice picture hahaha
look how fluffy that hair is tbh.
is it me or when nick lets his poofy hair cover half of his face it made him cuter?
Reposted bykerio kerio
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In the wake of Tina getting her Markiplier x Kill La Kill fanart reblogged and liked by the people of Tumblr, turns out my fanart of the Strokes as cats got reblogged and liked by Tumblrites too, eventually surpassing the number of notes that Tina's fanart got.

April 30 2015

Anonymous asked: Who do you ship in the strokes?


Haha, this is kind of a weird question for me because there’s nothing out there anymore about pairings and the Strokes. This is probably because they are all married, except for Fabrizio. And the fandom is pretty dead at this point. 

Anyway, my personal favourite is OT5, because they’re all so happy together; good friends, interesting dynamics, and they work well as a band.

Specific pairings would be: 

Julian: Nikolai, Nick, Albert, Fab (Because he is the one who brought them all together and is good friends with all of them, obviously…) 
Nick: Fab, Nikolai, Julian  (He’s good friends with Fab and collaborated with him outside of the Strokes. The other two are for…aesthetic purposes.) 
Albert: Fab, Julian (Frobros! And Julian and Albert shared an apartment, beds, cuddles, etc, and Julian always describes Albert really well. Plus their twitter banter is hilarious.) 
Nikolai: Julian, Nick, Fab (He’s Julian’s oldest friend. Fab and Nikolai have a lot in common and get along well. Nick is for aesthetic purposes.) 
Fab: Albert, Julian, Nick, Nikolai (Fab is love. Fab is life.)  

April 29 2015

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just making fun of their names once again



(my favorite song)
The Strokes - Killing Lies
“Don’t think that everything is gonna stay the same
That’s impossible
Before I let you go
Let me look at you”

April 28 2015


The face I’d bet Julian Casablancas would have if he ever reads Wonder

Also Janelle Monae just because

More old skool Strokes. chillin this time.
On the left we have Team Frizzy Hair, & on the right we have Team Kinda Smooth Hair.

(Source: yes-im-finne)


ah ye smy favorite band the storkes: nicky vaseline, febreeze spaghetti, julio casnablacna, nico light fixture, and gilbert slammin jr

Lol I actually thought of Febreeze Spaghetti before I read this post… but Julian was Kissyblinkface.


April 26 2015

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The Strokes at SNL 2006

Nick looks like Voldemort but with a nose and long hair

April 24 2015

Kitty Strokes

The idea came up roughly when I was talking to Tina about Nikolai Fraiture often being called Niko by some people, and it kinda sounds like ‘neko’. And then I doodled Nikolai as a cat. And then the rest of The Strokes as well.

Also I was inspired by purplekecleon's art. how they draw & color things. I’ve always wanted to master lineartless drawings with crazy gradients from a limited color palette. so I tried it out on this one.

buuhuu I wish I can make their kitty faces look more like their actual faces T~T


April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.

April 19 2015

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meanwhile have some more Strokes

got stuff to do this Sunday but I ended up doodling these mofos instead. Yep some of the scenes are taken from Taken For A Fool and Under Cover of Darkness (the rest are from some Fab Moretti & Nikolai Fraiture interviews)

April 17 2015



Fab, Albert, Jack White and Nick looking out window of dressing room, Radio City Music Hall

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