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April 03 2015


spencer smith, drummer of panic! at the disco (2004-2015) [source]

May 17 2014




I would like to thank my arms, for always being by side. My legs, for always supporting me, and my fingers…because I can always count on them.

this will be my speech when i win an oscar

Don’t forget the hips, for not lying. 

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November 23 2013


My Frerard Romance:

And it was this. When do you think he did this ? Its revenge era looking but Gerard did it because its his style and handwriting. 

I think it needs to be my screen lock. xAshleyx

This though

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August 04 2013


June 07 2013

This is probably the cutest thing I found in Vine... currently.

February 13 2013

I smell a Hetalia comic idea
(via did you know?)
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November 24 2012


June 24 2011

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