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August 22 2011

Stripes and food and stuff

I remember coming across this simple but appetizing piece in 2009. It's not just about food or drinks, but I think it has a theme here. The color scheme, the background style... all that kinda made me want to try to do something like it as well, being the artist that is still learning from other artists :D

I made this as a gift for Myoo89. Cuz she's into purple and stuff, and that time she got me into Hetalia so I drew chibi Russia over there with her, cuz that time he was her favorite. Unknowingly to me I sort of copied bits of the fashion elements from the picture above into this picture for Myoo89. Probably cuz I dress like that most of the time. Also, messy lineart is messy.

Eventhough I've made that one, for some reason I still feel like making another one. Another theme, another color palette, with different foods this time. Since I Already used milk in one picture, how about using cheese instead?

The other day I read emlan's Hetalia comic Breakfast Strip and saw this. I wanted to try it. It looks simple and delicious. And since it's green, yellow and brown it reminded me of my OC Lightninggrass, so I put her there this time. And chibi Sweden too, since I was still derping around with my Hetalia fandom that year. And cuz he's the one with this kind of food in the comic strip.

August 21 2011

Checkers 'n' Stripes by ChiChiRoma

July 28 2011

July 25 2011

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more rainbow stripes!
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rainbow stripes!

May 25 2011

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I saw John Lennon

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February 06 2011

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