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November 16 2012

  • anything smaller than a c cup: must be pre-pubescent. ugly patterns, and colours. lots of animals and stripes.
  • c to d cup: a woman! pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.
  • anything over a d cup: beige. lots and lots of beige.
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October 25 2012


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That awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.Hope you grow up to be president or the good kind of politician someday, Riley.
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October 12 2012

Canadian stereotype comics.
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June 16 2012


T-Shirt Culture Stereotypes Index

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May 29 2012

Chinese textbook offers hilariously stereotypical description of every American.
This is golden. Just golden. Distribute those textbooks around the world, if they can.
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May 05 2012

Shit we indonesians say.
Lol "mi goreng is the shiiiit..."

April 09 2012


Don't Stereotype Me - UMW ISA Campaign


DON’T STEREOTYPE ME——University of Mary Washington Islamic Student Association campaign against stereotyping and judging on campus. This campaign was inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. Stereotyping essentially killed Trayvon Martin so we wanted to raise awareness about the negative effects of stereotyping. 

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March 31 2012

Don't stereotype
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November 01 2011

5227 be15
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September 07 2011

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Like I said. Stereotypically. Like in cartoons, guys always have to be the brawny mofos while the girls get to be the brainy smartasses.

September 01 2011

Stereotypes by ThornPie
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January 30 2011

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