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May 28 2017


November 20 2014

I wear them front, I wear them back, I wear them inside out, and then front AND back.

Stan Lee,on how he wears his underpants (via jinglebellrockstar)

June 29 2014

What I really like about Stan Lee is his attitude of like “you want to make a movie about my characters? Fantastic! Can I be like, a busdriver in it? I’m sure whatever you come up with will be fantastic, but can I please play the janitor? I love how you guys are reinventing my stuff and having fun with it but can there be a scene where a grumpy old man plays chess in a park the heroes run through”
raptorific (via spawnsofhell)
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May 17 2013


August 26 2012

Stan Lee doesn't always do Carly Rae Jepsen parodies, but when he does...
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August 19 2012

Good Guy Stan Lee!
p.s. this is just adorable.
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May 10 2012

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