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April 15 2013


October 19 2011


Hardlywork.in is the latest and greatest way to hide your social notworking from your bosses at the office! (Except, of course, the IT guys who can see every site you visit, but they’ve probably got bigger, more… “porn-y” fish to fry.)

The app turns Facebook into an Excel spreadsheet, so now an executive’s cursory glance at your monitor reveals nothing but boring-looking tables and charts. Tables and charts containing all of your friends’ status updates, comments, likes, etc.

Is Mr. Manager coming in for a close up? Just hit the space bar “Boss Key”, and the banality of Trisha’s trip to the pet-food store is magically replaced by a bunch of boring numbers.

Hardlywork.in contains a search bar, image previews, and you can hover over likes/comments to see who said what. Pretty slick, if you ask me. (You don’t…)

The downside? If you don’t use Windows, you’ll either look like an idiot or some sort of dual-OS wizard, as the app only comes with PC skin. But let’s be honest, your boss wouldn’t know his head from his ass anyway, amirite?!

For more work work-arounds, clock in at Monday Thru Friday.

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