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October 19 2014

June 20 2014


September 16 2013

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August 18 2013

I mean seriously spock, u can't show a fucking emotion when u argue with your gf but when your homie kirk dies u wanna kill a whole galaxy??

July 24 2013

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StarTrek - LOTS OF OT3 by Go-Devil-Daisuke
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June 13 2013


So I was watching Star Trek and Spock just started sobbing math problems

i fucking can’t

Only Spock can sob mathematically
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June 08 2013

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these two are destroying my life 

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June 01 2013


“Bones! Buckle up.”

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May 31 2013


February 21 2013


Of all people, he should have known how the computer would perform. Of course, the M-5 itself has not behaved logically.

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November 17 2012

"Live long, and proper" - Tim Bonvallet
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September 17 2011

Dream 18-5-2014

Okay, weird thing about this dream is, the scenery is very kampungside n I was staying at someones house with my siblings. Everything around there looks signaturely kampung. The villagers are nice too though.


I was getting ready for something but was distracted by watching a did-you-know show, pretty much like On The Spot. The host of the house then asked me to actually get ready n not get distracted by the show. I went to my room n change (or take a shower, i forgot) and the tv was there in my room so i can shower/change while watching that show.


Later i went to some webcomic gathering. A local webcomic artist showed his work to everyone there n we were all impressed, though they were all digitally inked, uncolored linearts (he has no time to colour them). While everyone else were ooh-ing & ahh-ing, i noticed that he was using a new blogging platform as his comic's website.

He showed me how to use it & later when i walked home, i got my own account on the iPad (i realized i had an iPad... or was it Ghea's iPad?) Yup, Ghea was there at the meeting eventhough she cant draw. She just loves comics (especially manga).


As we walked through the alleys of the kampungside, a cat passed by and entered a house which has a corrugated iron fence around it. I noticed theres a girl walking from the same direction, and she looks weirdly monochromatic like she's drawn out of a comic. And i thought she looked like Spock with her hair & facial expression. Ghea didn't notice her, though, so I just made her look by just shouting 'Spock' for a couple of minutes. When she looked away, the monochrome FemSpock was gone. I was like "i swear she looks like Spock with that haircut, with the exception of wings going down in front of her ears" n i pointed out that she went in the same house as the cat did. Ghea suddenly had a plan & told me to go around the back of the house while she goes at one side, peering through the window to see what the girl looks like. As i went past the house's backyard I saw the cat, & gleefully started chasing it away complete with my best stray cat growls. It went through the corrugated iron fence and i followed, as it leads me to the roadside.


The house's butt was facing the busy roadside. Not entirely a busy roadside though, there are tiny service shops and as i went looking for the cat, I found two more cats to scare. These cats however, are surprisingly beautiful. Their fur was painted artistically in bright & dark colors and one cat has mosaic lenses in red, blue n green against its natural yellow eyes. That cat screamed like a human girl though when I scared it. Both cats ran to their master, a man that seems to be guarding something. Then it hit me. He mustve owned these cats n owns a workshop thay artistically paints their fur so they'd sell them at really high prices. I asked him "are these custom-painted?" and he said yes.

I peered over the open door and I saw one of his workers. She was with two more cats & was painting the one that looks like a fat Cheshire cat... and it can speak. It seems pretty excited to see me. I then joked around with the owner asking if I can pay for these cats with a "cat'a ear floof" to which he said no cuz he needs a hundres thousand cat's ear floof. Suddenly the previous dark blue cat and Chubby Cheshire cat cuddled against me, wanting to be stroked. Chubby Cheshire was like "arent we all pretty? We bathe in special suds for our fur" and I replied with "yes, yes you are", stroking both of them, suddenly worried & concerned noticing their slightly warmer body temperature and the fact that their fur is still fluffy but a bit thinner than its supposed to.


From there I realized i shouldve asked the owner whether the paint he used for the cats are special fur paint and totally safe to use (not to mention the contact lenses that the mosaic cat had, they have to be cat-friendly). It was kinda weird since the owner and his workers seem poor and only works in a small corner shop (and the room has one white bed) by the roadside, and he probably need to sell these cats at a high price to gain much money.

April 08 2011

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Yo Spock in tha hood.
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