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November 10 2014


October 14 2013

Say Something, Be Heard.
Decided to make something on pen and paper while my tablet broke.
Wanted to make one of those old doodles I used to do, but the base idea that came out of my head randomly was so common. Cliche overused idea is cliche. Also, I seem to have a thing with speech bubbles. Or maybe I was just redoing one of my doodles from Recycle Dump #23

Some parts in here are bluish cuz last night (yeah I just started last night) I couldnt find a black pen. Decreased the saturation in Photoshop. Done.

March 26 2013

January 24 2013

Coffee mugs & two men talking
(via You Just Realized)
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September 10 2012

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August 29 2012

Bath by kris-wilson
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