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June 08 2015

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How to soup.
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November 29 2014

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I saw a tumblr user named brbsoup and thought of this idea of someone leaving Soup.io to join Tumblr for a while.

This makes me sad
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November 26 2014

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the colored version of this |  alternate colors version
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the colored version of this | alternate colors version
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with writings this time
[previous] [colored versions: X X]
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got bored so i made yet another soup gif
havent done one of these in 2 years

November 04 2014

App Mock-up: Tumbloup

Introducing Tumbloup, an app that lets you post to both Soup.io and Tumblr at the same time (because that’s what I always do. I open both sites and update them all at once manually). Sure there’s apps like IFTTT who has a lot more social network choices to post a content to in one go, and the popularity of Tumblr is on the same level as Blogger and Wordpress, so an app like this is better off sharing to those three blogging sites instead. BUT, I’m designing this just for the hell of it, and because they’re both tumblelogs that lets people repost/reblog other people’s content.
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October 16 2014

Too lazy to reply one-by-one so Im just gonna reply all of y'all from here

@sydnor OkSoupIt verbally sounds more like a dating site but when written looks like a normal soup app where you can instantly soup anything you see. Clever.

@lost-in-space right? It sorta has a nice ring to it.

@elpollodiablo thats kinda how i feel about Soup too, cuz we already have too much chat apps on the phone and if we wanna chat with friends we can just use facebook, right? I guess Soup just needs to stay as a scrapbook site & it shouldnt be made into another Facebook. Like I said it's only gonna be a mock-up cuz I like brainstorming ideas so much. Also I'd like to imagine Soup users chatting to one another.

@hairinmy_comments Toil and Trouble can be the tagline if it's gonna be named Bubble hahaha
@sofias hahahha soup-o-blub is cute. I imagine the app background would have bubbles on it
@korra that's a neat one too. soup + gravy.

Still indecisive, but talksoupto.me & chatsoup stand out, but if you don't want "soup" in the name we can use bubble. or or or CHOUP (short for chatsoup)

Hey soup users,
today I discovered that you can indeed display a union of multiple tags with my.soup.io/?tags=tag1,tag2, and you can even combine it with the other filters.

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Random Soup chat idea

@everyone @kitchen guys if I were to mockingly make a chat app/client for Soup, what should I name it?

I've got some suggestions: Bloup.io (like Blip), Chatsoup, Soupchat, Talksoupto.me, and thats about it
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October 08 2014

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Soup during autumn
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October 03 2014

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Captured a screenshot of my Soup bg while it's in the middle of changing from green to purple

August 09 2014


Because I saw this:


talkin to ur crush like

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July 25 2014

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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!

my favorite outfit changes overtime but for now it's these two, a gift from soup.io

June 21 2014

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I tried the new Soup app on my phone after Soupper failed (cuz i cant seem to log in anymore). This one has better n simpler interface compared to Soupper, and LOTS OF RED. Come on, who doesnt love red hot soup? @android
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May 19 2014

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another example of the majestic Soup coincidences that totally fit with each other.
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April 30 2014

Why not both? :D

I kinda ship Tumbloup but just as buds, not rivals and whatnot.

April 29 2014

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