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October 26 2017

Made another comic on the iPad, this time using Procreate but since i wanted typed text i had to import it to Tayasui sketches, which is kinda hard cuz you gotta type every line separately cuz they don't have textboxes unlike Photoshop.

This was based on something Kristina said comparing me and Ribka n she mentioned our song choices.

June 07 2015


Recordings from my chat with myoo89​ in Whatsapp. Uploaded in Vocaroo cuz Tumblr said the audio is too big like wtf.
(and the text that come along with it. She’s white, I’m green)

0:00 Tina singing Wadu Wadu Wadu

0:10 both of us singing This Is Gospel by P!ATD (i started)

0:46 me singing Cartoon Music for Superheroes by Albert Hammond Jr. Then Tina went on talking about Vienna Teng’s ‘Lullaby For A Stormy Night’.

1:59 - Tina singing Arjuna Beta by Fynn Jamal. She was in her room with the fan on, & it disturbed her audio quality but to me it fits the song cuz it adds a thunderstorm effect.

2:36 - me singing You Found Me by The Fray

3:02 - tina singing Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

3:12 - I made up a ‘Tinachu oh Tinachu’ song in my Pikachuest possible voice

3:17 - both Tina & I singing P!ATD’s ‘Nicotine’ as a duet. I was in the bathroom, pardon the echoey bg noise.
p.s. high note test run yo.


5:30 - me singing Juicebox by The Strokes

5:54 - Tina singing Prince Gumball’s song for Fionna in Adventure Time (and then yawned)

6:41 - Tina tried singing the Tinachu oh Tinachu song herself, and at 6:50 I added another verse… featuring Ilipuff ( ilicarriedoll as our Jigglypuff)

6:56 - we went Japanese-voice-actors on this one just because. Gotta say Tina did her job well cuz I think she actually spoke actual words from Mameshiba shorts and the anime she watches, while I’m just there blurting out ‘Julian Casablancas’ and ‘Albert Hammond Jr’ in a Japanese accent.

7:19 - Tina’s attempt on NAN DATOOOOO

7:24 - me: “Tinachu Markiplier daisuki”

7:29 - me parodying All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria Count Me In’. ‘Dear Fatinah’ because Tina

7:42 - Tina’s baby-est voice singing the Tinachu song

7:51 - Tina singing ‘Marry Me’ by Mark Adam

Conclusion: Tina definitely has a better voice than me, although I beat her in terms of Pikachu impressions.

June 05 2015


May 22 2015


Yeah I’m into Fall Out Boy. I like their older stuff, especially [looks at smudged writing on hand]


May 12 2015

1833 7e1f


More Macklemore, less Robin Thicke.


And yet a huge percentage of Tumblr hates him. Not trying to be confrontational, but could someone please explain to me why this is?


Because he is a straight white guy and Tumblr isn’t always right. 


Yup. A lot of people like to ignore all the good things he does simply because he is part of the privileged. Never mind that he flat out acknowledges this in Same Love. (“I may not be the same, but that’s not important.”)






Macklemore grew up privileged, yes, but he understands the inequality and the disturbing gap between rich and poor. He has a song called White Privilege: 

“Hiphop started off in a block that I’ve never been to
To counter act a struggle that I’ve never even been through
If I think I understand just because I flow too
That means I’m not keeping it true, nope.”


“But as I’m blessed with the privilege, they’re still left with the scars”


“I grew up on Capitol Hill,
With two parents and two cars.
They had a beautiful marriage, we even had a swing set in our yard.
My mom didn’t have a job, because my dad made enough money that we could live comfortably and he could support us.
Now, he commute to Tacoma, so we knew we be good.
But then I realized everybody looked just like me in my neighborhood.
I go to school, which was diverse.
But indeed us, I got sandwiches and Capri Suns well my friends ate their free lunch.
It’s crazy trying to look back, cause when I was growing up
I didn’t understand the fact was there’s something called a social status.
And my black friends wanted my financial bracket.
And then my city’s divided,
From neighborhood to neighborhood
We’re polarized but we claim we’re progressive.
The police shoot in the hood but never once in my residence.
As a white person been shot at we’d stopped in a Lexus.
And to think that we have claimed that so much has changed”



“Don’t wanna be that white dude, million man marchin’
Fighting for our freedom that my people stole
Don’t wanna make all my white fans uncomfortable
But you don’t even have a fuckin’ song for radio
Why you out here talkin race, tryin’ to save the fuckin’ globe
Don’t get involved with the causes in mind
White privilege, white guilt, at the same damn time
So we just party like it’s nineteen ninety nine
Celebrate the ignorance while these kids keep dying.”

Tumblr needs to hop down off it’s high fucking horse and instead of turning against a potential role model and ally to all that they’ve been fucking preaching about JUST BECAUSE HE’S PRIVILEGED AND WHITE, maybe make him an icon because he’s not rapping about disrespecting women. He’s making a small change. But because he grew up with a well structured family environment and he was able to afford everything he desired, he’s suddenly the enemy. 


Macklemore hate is proof that Tumblr’s brand of militant social justice is just made up of a bunch of people with either a victimization fetish and/or a hateful, angry heart seeking acceptable targets, and they then proceed to poison the people that really just want to do good, ultimately mangling a good cause beyond recognition.

And 99% of people who complain about the first lyric of “Same Love” have never actually listened beyond that. Somebody tells them “The song starts with ‘when i was in the third grade i thought that i was gay’” and they start clutching their pearls because surely the whole song is just some straight dude making lgbtqa rights all about him and how he thinks because he thought he was gay when he was eight he knows all about it. And maybe it’s not the best way to word the beginning of the song, BUT IF YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN OR READ BEYOND THAT it turns out it’s a segue into talking about ridiculous stereotypes and preconceived ideas about sexuality and questioning why someone would think it was a bad idea to be gay in the first place. And then it goes on to discuss the homophobia inherent in the music genre he’s a part of and calling his peers out on slurs and derogatory language and hypocrisy in religion, and it beautifully features Mary fucking Lambert, and goddammit I had trouble driving home when I first heard it in the car because I was fucking crying.

Macklemore is a privileged individual who consistently and vocally acknowledges his privileges and strives to use it to do legitimate good, which is everything Tumblr claims it wants, but as soon as he starts, they scream for him to shut up. Because their need to rage and scream and hate and wallow in willful ignorance is more important to them than seeing actual change take place anywhere in the world.


so glad i came across this post. you have to remember that tumblr :so called “activists” like to comment on anything that seems potentially bad, even if that means over-shadowing great points and progress that a lot of people, both gay and straight have wished for.

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May 07 2015

The Strokes have given the NME an exclusive track-by-track guide to their third album ‘First Impressions of Earth’.

“It’s a little different,” warns guitarist Nick Valensi. “But I think people will still be able to tell it’s The Strokes – they just sound a little bit more mature.”

‘You Only Live Once‘ - Foot-stamping opener

Fab: “I remember Julian playing this on the pianoo and me thinking that it was fucking awesome! I felt like I knew this song already.”

‘Juicebox‘ – Ballsy, gonzo-rock-sized first single

Albert: “We heard the riff and it was like, ‘Dude, that’s it, let’s get in the studio!”
Julian: “No, when I first played that riff a lot of people thought I was joking.
Was it influenced by a cop show’s theme?
Julian: “No”
(Rest of band start singing cop tune themes.)  

‘Heart In A Cage‘ – A younger, edgy cousin of Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’

Fab: “This song was going to be on the last record – ‘Private Dick’, it was once called – but it was too late. It was a blessing in disguise, really, because had it been recorded back then, I don’t think it would have worked out as well.”

‘Razorblade‘ - Sounds a bit like Barry Manilow’s ‘Mandy’ – remarkably, this is actually a good thing

Fab: “Razorblade was one of the first songs we sat down and played together. Oh, and it was the first trans-computer gigs we’ve ever done!”
Rest of band: “Er?”
Julian: “Trans-comp…? Oh, I emailed it to you…”

‘On The Other Side‘ - A slow, choppy ode to the spirit realm?

Fab: “I remember when Julian first played it for us he had a cold and he sounded like a fucking bullfrog. Like Johnny Cash one testosterone steroids!”

‘Vision of Division‘ – An angry sounding mix of throat-shredding vocals and bad-ass guitar lines

Fab: “I heard this over at Albert’s house and the guys played it for me and it was completely different.”
Julian: “No, that was ‘Ize of the World’. He’s getting it confused because sometimes our songs swap.”

‘Ask Me Anything‘ – The Strokes totally stripped, just synth-strings and Julian’s bare vocals

The lyrics are fairly morose. What kind of mood were you in when you wrote it, Julian?
Julian: “Suicidal! No, I’m usually in a fairly neutral mood when I’m writing. It just comes from other times and things sinking in, it’s very subconscious.
So who actually plays on the track then?
Fab: “Billy Joel. Yeah, we got him in to play the mellotron.” [It was actually Nick Valensi]

‘Electricityscape‘ - Big chorus, static-fried vocals and clipped guitars. A Strokes classic?

Albert: “I remember falling asleep when a few of you guys were working on this one.
Fab: “Ha! Yeah! Albert fell asleep face-down on his guitar!”

‘Killing Lies‘ - Rhythm-led pounder that oscillates between euphoria and introspection

Fab: ‘Killing Lies’ was first arranged and brought to life at the studio of the Dandy Warhols. They invited us to dinner, they’re great guys. Sorry, great guys and a girl.”

‘Fear of Sleep’ - Slow-building monster. Boasts some of Julian’s best lung-busting singing

Fab: “This was one of the most difficult songs on the record. To arrange, I mean. It just never seemed right at some points and then it did.”

‘15 Minutes’ – A badly behaved drinking anthem. Surprisingly reminiscent of Shane Macgowan

Nick: “We had two different ways to play it. A very Pogues-y version, and a punk-rock version. Then they became one and the same.”

‘Ize of the World‘ – A hip-swinging little tune which sees The Strokes take aim at modern alienation

What are the Ize Of The World?
Albert: “Isn’t it what every word ends with? Modernize, computerize…(Julian shakes head) Or am I wrong? I’m wrong.”
Julian: “Once you hear the lyrics to the song, it’s pretty clear what it means.”

‘Evening Sun‘ - Stoic yet determined, possibly the most ‘classic Strokes’ sounding song here

Fab: “Julian first did this and we found it on Gordon [Raphael, producer]‘s computer. We went up to Julian and said, ‘Why didn’t you play us this song?’. It’s become one of my favourites. Oh, and he and I both played the drums.”
Julian: “Oh, please don’t print that.”
Fab: “Are you going to deny that? If you listen to the end you hear that there are two drummers.”

‘Red Light‘ – A sprightly and dexterous closer

Julian: “OK, I have a story about this one, but I’m not sure I should tell it.”
Fab: “Dude, it’s the last one. Tell it or I will hit you!”
Julian: “All over my body? OK…somebody got me tickets for Mozart’s ‘Requiem’, I was just really stoned, so afterwards I thought it would be cool to write something inspired by opera. I went back, got this really strong melody together and there it was….’Red Light’!”
(The band applaud the story.)

April 29 2015


April 09 2015




Now you can Play or Download all the soundtrack of Steven Universe. ENJOY!!



  1. *We are the Crystal Gems (Main Title)
  2. *Ending Theme
  3. *Steven’s Shield
  4. *Cookie Cat
  5. *Pearl’s Theme
  6. *Dad Museum
  7. *The Mother
  8. *Drop the Strawberry
  9. *Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart)
  10. *Water Damage
  11. *Gimme Gimme
  12. *The Waterfall
  13. * Atop the Sea Spire
  14. *That’s Unusual!
  15. *Peedee’s Blues
  16. *Strawberry Battlefield/The Sleeping Pyramid
  17. *That’s the End of Another Day
  18. *Heart of the Pyramid
  19. *Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire
  20. *Desert Glass
  21. *Lion’s Theme
  22. *Road Killer
  23. *Teens of Rage
  24. *Funland Arcade
  25. *Meat Beat Mania: FLAMBÉE!
  26. *Meat Beat Mania: Over Easy
  27. *Giant Woman 
  28. *Opal
  29. *Amalgam (Extended Version)
  30. *The Hill
  31. *Spaced Out Beats
  32. *Dance of Swords
  33. *Holo Pearl
  34. *The Cave
  35. *Lion’s Ocean
  36. *Rose’s Room
  37. *Golf Quest Mini OST
  38. * The Heaven Beetle
  39. * Heaven Beetle (Reprise)
  40. * Strong in the Real Way
  41. *Synchronize/Sugilite
  42. *Sugilite Returns
  43. * Underwater Temple
  44. *Steven and the Stevens
  45. *Time Thing
  46. *Ste-Ste-Steven (instrumental)
  47. *Big Fat Zucchini
  48. *Battle at the Underwater Temple
  49. *Steven and the Crystal Gems
  50. *Monster Buddy
  51. *Monster Spelunkin’
  52. *Fight, Flight or Love
  53. * Rose’s Fountain
  54. *Overgrown Brambles
  55. *Mirror Gem (Piano Version)
  56. *Let Me Out
  57. *I Am Lapis Lazuli
  59. *Night Drive
  60. *Mirror Match
  61. *Lapis’ Tower
  62. *Take My Hand
  63. *Love Like You (The Ocean Returns)
  64. * Weatherbomb
  65. *After These Messages
  66. *UUU Fanfare / Let’s Build a Spaceship: Part 1
  67. *Blast Off!
  68. *Let’s Build a Spaceship: Part 2
  69. *Almost There
  70. *Secret Team!
  71. *We Were the Best
  72. *Steven’s Confession
  73. * Dear Old Dad - (unofficial)
  74. *Ending Theme (Season 1B) - (unofficial)
  75. *Paradise
  76. * Be Wherever You Are (Rebecca Sugar)
  77. *Sadie & The Beast
  78. *Paronaldo Activity
  79. *Snerson Interrogation
  80. *The Pitch Got Delayed
  81. *Greg On The Beach
  82. *Alexandrite
  83. *Waterfall Training Montage
  84. * Watermelon Steven
  85. *Watermelon Battle
  86. *Lion’s Mane
  87. *Peridot
  88. *Be Cool at the Club
  89. *Alone Together
  90. *Twilight Run
  91. *Decisive Path
  92. *On the Run
  93. *Defective
  94. *Future Vision
  95. *Death Rag
  96. *I’m Still Here
  97. *Moonlit Battlefield
  98. *Lapis Lazuli
  99. *Wailing Stone
  100. *The Missing Piece
  101. *Stronger Than You
  1. *We are the Crystal Gems (Pilot Version)
  2. *We are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)
  3. *We are the Crystal Gems (Demo 1)
  4. *We are the Crystal Gems (Demo 2)
  5. *Cookie Cat (Instrumental) 
  6. *Cookie Cat (Demo) 
  7. *Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart) (Demo)
  8. *Giant Woman (Demo)
  9. *Giant Woman (Acapella)
  10. *Giant Woman (Ringtone Version)
  11. *Connie (Piano Demo)
  12. *Strong in the Real Way (Demo)
  13. * At The Big Donut (Demo)
  14. *Steven and the Stevens (Demo)
  15. *Steven and the Crystal Gems (Demo)
  16. *Big Fat Zucchini (Demo)
  17. *Ste-Ste-Ste Steven (Demo)
  18. * Be Wherever You Are (Demo)
  19. *Lion’s Mane (Demo)
  20. *Little Butler (Demo)
  21. *No Home Boys (Demo)
  22. *On the Run (Demo)
  23. *On the Run (Original Demo)
  24. *Stronger Than You (Demo)

FUTURE TRACKS WILL BE ADDED(Last Updated: March / 14/ 2015)

Bless you and all your kin. 

March 15 2015

Bluechair ep.71 - Types of Songs
Tags: songs types
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January 18 2015



The beginning of I Write Sins Not Tragedies slowed down and layered over The Ballad of Mona Lisa



Oh my god

Oh my god


Well that took all of 2 seconds for me to hit the reblog button.






i came

i’m not even into p!atd but this is


November 17 2014




every Fall Out Boy “oh” ever

all songs in order (several repeat because they have multiple “oh” parts)

Tiffany Blews,

Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?

This Ain’t a Scene,

Tiffany Blews,

(Coffee’s for Closers)

Bang the Doldrums,


Grenade Jumper

20 Dollar Nose Bleed

7 Minutes in Heaven

Tiffany Blews

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet,

I Don’t Care

(Coffee’s for Closers)

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet

20 Dollar Nose Bleed

(Coffee’s for Closers)

20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Of All the Gin Joints in All the World


Save Rock and Roll

The Mighty Fall

Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over

Bang the Doldrums

Save Rock and Roll

Calm Before the Storm

Grenade Jumper

The Pros and Cons of Breathing

My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark

Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?

Dead on Arrival




Fall Out Boy sure do love them oh's

October 16 2014


September 30 2014

i feel like once you were emo in middle school youre low key emo for the rest of your life, like you could be 20 in the middle of college wearing uggs or whatever but once you hear the first key to the black parade/i write sins/sugar we’re going down you sprout an imaginary fringe and start yelling your lungs out like its 2007 all over again
cleffairie (via textsfromfourswords)

September 27 2014


September 21 2014


When your songs know what u do in the dark:image

When u know where the party went:image

When you’re a remix and you’re raised like a phoenix:image

When u say my name and i’m held against u:image

When u don’t panic:image

when ur ready for another bad poem:image

Patrick wearing a Twenty One Pilots shirt feels like Tomo Milicevic wearing a Mikey Fucking Way shirt
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Fall Out Boy; discography (insp)

September 01 2014



Friendly reminder that the man who wrote Let it Go and other lovely songs from Frozen also wrote the beautiful songs entitled:

The Internet is For Porn
Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist 
Spooky Mormon Hell Dream 
Everything Comes Down to Poo
If You Were Gay 
I Am Africa
Hasa Diga Eebowai

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August 10 2014

Listen up Jay-Z, this Muslim woman’s got something to say to you.

Poet Khalil Gibran wrote, “Music is the language of the spirit”—but what happens when that language tears our spirit down?

Muslim spoken word poet Madiha Bhatti didn’t like the objectifying lyrics she heard in contemporary music. Rather than simply switching off the radio, she wrote some of her own. Watch as she warms up, then tears it up at the :30 mark. There are so many snap-worthy moments in this, our fingers hurt..

Why does Beyonce have to crawl on all fours to top the charts? Does her husband have that problem?

No, he’s got 99 others.

Why hasn't she released an album yet? We need more POC-feminism rap songs in this world instead of the same old crapshiturd with cliche lyrics. And in this case her lyrics are packed to the brim with oh-snap moments XD

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July 03 2014

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