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July 27 2018


July 05 2015


August 27 2014

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romantic pick up trick:
stuff your cheeks full of orange soda, walk up 2 a cute girl, and
spray it all over her clothes. then smile at her and say “dang girl,
ur lookin fanta-stic”

i made this just to Sprite you

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May 11 2014

The same rule applies to beer too. I've seen it from None Of The Above & since I can't drink beer, hell yeah to instant slushie.

September 14 2013

Why I like Japanese vending machines - via I Love Coffee
besides, they have snack bars as well.
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June 27 2012

How does a rainbow taste? Like soda, maybe?
Created by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day.
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June 09 2012

Why girls are smarter than guys
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April 21 2012


April 20 2012


5 Weirdest Japanse Drinks

Curry Lemonade

Eel Soda

Diet Water

Final Fantasy Potions

Mother's Milk

I dunno but I kinda wanna try the Final Fantasy potions. And the breastmilk could be for babies whose mothers can't produce enough breastmilk.
(source: Smosh)
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January 17 2012

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Happy Soda & Orange Soda

January 06 2012

3 for 1 jackpot

December 14 2011


Taking the surprise economy to another level, Singapore beverage company Out of the Box caters to consumers who respond to “What would you like to drink?” with a non-committal “anything” or “whatever”. Two weeks ago, the company launched two complementary brands: Anything and Whatever. Anything is fizzy and comes in six flavours (Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer) and Whatever is non-carbonated (Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea).

The surprise part? Consumers don’t know which flavour they’re getting until they take a sip. Cans are simply labelled Anything and Whatever, and the list of ingredients is limited to generic wording: carbonated water, sugar, permitted flavouring, permitted colouring, preservative, tea extract, fruit juice concentrate. Judging from the buzz on Singapore forums, teens immediately got the concept and are loving it.

Novel product to launch elsewhere, as the drink for people who don’t know what they want? The key, of course, is to produce products that are good enough to guarantee repeat sales. We think established food and beverage brands could have fun with this one, too, and would have the benefit of working from a brand consumers already trust. How about Snapple or Stonyfield Yoghurt marketing surprise six-packs filled with random flavours? Could be a good way to get customers to try new varieties of any FMCG.

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The making of Anything & Whatever commercials

September 07 2011

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August 27 2011

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August 21 2011

Generic names for soft drinks (by country)

August 04 2011


February 12 2011

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