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November 29 2014

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Kamila & I discussing about potential outcomes if Copycatationery became a real social network, both in positive & negative ways.

For the record I've been designing Copycatationery's social network interfaces & putting them on facebook. They're not ready to be posted publicly yet.

October 20 2014


and in that moment I swear... we were all moths

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May 07 2014


See which of Indonesia’s airlines are losing or winning at social media (INFOGRAPHIC)

April 26 2014

(Source: Buffer, via Lika Ura)
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December 06 2013

How I Tag Stuff
just a small idea that popped up this afternoon

i mostly use tumblelogs to store cool stuff I found on the internet, and the buttload of tags is just my way of finding all those stored things specifically. they serve as folders somehow.
and as for photos, i don't really care much about tags. for me they're just for display.

for those of you who don't know, molome is an alternative to instagram. 

November 09 2013


September 12 2013


April 08 2013

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Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)
Lostprincess's avatar made her look like Hit Girl. And oh David Tennant. DAT ACENT.
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February 09 2013


January 05 2013

2012 Top Social Media Platforms
Infographic courtesy of eThority.

July 31 2012

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Grovo's History Of Social Media

July 22 2012


What's Your Social Media Style?

Your Result: Cute — like Taylor Swift's!

You're cute, so crank up the tweeting! You share just a teeny, tiny smidge and it has us wanting just a little more. You and Taylor Swift are quirky and adorable with your Instagrams. Kick it up a notch, por favor!

Taylor Swift? Instagram? Really? Am I getting an accurate result here?
Social Media Has Revolutionized Home Decorating
(via Mashable)

May 28 2012


November 02 2011

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2011 Social Media All-Stars
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Google's History of Social Media
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Do you need a Social Media Detox?

July 27 2011


June 22 2011


Internet drugs

(my version)

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June 15 2011

Friendster n Multiply
Website Personification (in both genders)
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