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October 28 2014


Inktober day 26 pt2: What I think about the Riders of Berk episode "Thawfest"
Featuring the Sin Cakes, and in the end Astrid ate Common Sense Cake insread.

Tbh I don't like the ending at all. I want Hiccup to win because the reason why Snotlout is always winning the thawfest is because of pressure from his dad keeping the Jorgensons' family history as thawfest winners. They're the ones that need a life lesson
I wish Astrid would've let Hiccup win, and Snotlout comes in second, Hiccup telling him that it's ok to lose sometimes and then Spitelout comes raging down the arena bitching about why his son didn't win but Hiccup and Stoick yelled back at him, defending Snotlout.

I might've accidentally drawn Hiccup's metal leg on the wrong side

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Upon realizing that Gustav Larson is indeed the Scootaloo to Snotlout's Rainbow Dash

He even has a dragon named Fanghook (named after Hookfang) and like Hookfang, Fanghook is also a Monstrous Nightmare

July 16 2013

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some How To Train Your Dragon sketches I did this early July

Digitized sketch - [X]
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