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March 27 2015

I doodled Cheezy Tina-puffs out of the blue & showed Tina on Whatsapp n she came up with all these flavors and now I wish this snack really exists.

October 21 2014



Cool news! If you bought the first Steven Universe comic (written by cool guy Jeremy Sorese, illustrated by cool guy Coleman Engle, published by Boom!) you may have seen a STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE page in the back, written and illustrated by me! This is my first foray into Comics with a capital C, but I should be doing more STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE recipes, so I hope you’re ready to make some tasty food with Steven!

Also, you should definitely try an Everything Bagel Dog! I have Sam & our pals Diego, Aaron K., Mike, and Aaron G. to thank for the recipe. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving they host Franksgiving, where they make creative/tasty/unusual/forbidden hot dogs. A highly recommended tradition.

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March 10 2014

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"chips. just chips."
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September 23 2013


November 18 2012

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Giant Gummy Cola Bottle from Vat19
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April 17 2012

Berrygood. I miss this snack ok
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March 27 2012

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Dafuq did I just eat?
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March 19 2012

Chipster potato chips & Monthong durian

February 29 2012


Damn products sold locally only
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December 27 2011

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October 06 2011


September 07 2011


September 06 2011

Kay I dunno what 'megapase' means but branding it Megapussi? WTF...

February 04 2011

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