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May 15 2015



and the battle continues

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November 17 2014

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This new compact camera wants to make selfie-loving ladies feel like runway models

The anything-but-humble selfie is a pop culture staple of the mid-2010s, and nowhere is the phenomenon more prevalent than in Asia. The region has given us “selfie sticks,” selfie apps, and even a selfie-centric smartphone. Now, Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio has unveiled a powerful point-and-shoot camera designed for women who are obsessed with photographing themselves.

In keeping with the company’s Exilim TR line of self portrait-focused cameras, the brand new EX-TR50 features a unique design language with a frame that doubles as a kickstand and a three-inch LCD that can swivel around it and the lens. This allows for a multitude of shooting angles but also makes the camera reminiscent of a fancy makeup case. With an almost Burberry-inspired plaid pattern on the back of the LCD, it would certainly look right at home in a designer handbag.


November 14 2014

probably unimportant & the validity of this information wont be for long, but... JUST LOOK AT THE PRETTY PHONES
(source: telkomsel)

July 24 2014

The Verge: 

Project Ara: building the modular smartphone

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The Verge - The Best Smartphone You Can Buy

July 17 2014

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Asus Zenfone 5 Review - Android Authority


With my Sprint contract finally up in May, I’ve been madly researching no-contract plans and unlocked devices. Think I finally found the reasonably-priced, unlocked Android phone of my dreams.

And it’s called the Zenfone. Which is pretty effing cool.

A coworker told me about this phone this afternoon. She said it's quite cheap (Rp 2 500 000-ish) but the quality and size is just as good as a Samsung Galaxy Note. Plus the metallic cover makes it look like a hybrid of the iPhone 5S and the HTC One M8. It's got a 15mp back camera & a 8mp selfie camera (the high quality probably due to ASUS being a computer brand & now producing phones). The only disadvantage is probably playing games on it, cuz of the low graphics & games make the phone lag.

Facebook spampost of youtube reviews for this phone [X]

And the spampost for the Amazon Fire phone

July 03 2014


June 19 2014


June 06 2014

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Kamila & I brainstorming on webcomic ideas, on more Cubecakes episode & about reviewing smartphones as if they're pizza to go along with the idea of reviewing websites like cubic cakes.

May 23 2014

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I showed Daniel this video and from there this conversation became golden
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Kevin and I suddenly talking about smartphone brands (the more indie, lesser known ones that are starting to take over the markets). Mainly mentioned the Chinese, Indonesian & Malaysian brands here and suddenly remembered that Fareda uses Exmobile.

Btw that Oppomizu fusion idea isn't bad after all. That is, if Oppo, Xiaomi & Meizu decides to work together to create a huge super-mega-smartphone or something

OPPO Find 7 - Find More by OPPO

This is the story about a magician who found more within himself when he came into contact with the Find 7.

A beautiful commercial. And since they've been advertising Oppo Find 7 like crazy here, I wanted to get my hands on one.

[also I bookmarked all the youtube links of oppo find 7 reviews]

November 04 2012


Romo The Smartphone Robot

back this project

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August 17 2011


Motorola Defy+, Smartphone Android Tertangguh

Jakarta - Ponsel Android tahan banting makin ramai dengan kehadiran Defy+ dari Motorola, vendor yang baru saja diakuisisi Google. Selain lebih baik kemampuannya ketimbang versi pertama Defy, ia juga disebut-sebut sebagai smartphone Android tertangguh.

Handset berbasis Android Gingerbread ini dibekali sertifikasi IP67. Artinya, ia bisa bertahan dalam kondisi ekstrim. Sebut saja tercebur air, terbanting, tergores ataupun dibanjiri debu. 

Layarnya berteknologi Gorilla Glass untuk memperkuat ketahanan Defy+. Terdapat juga aplikasi pre-loadedbernama CardioTrainer untuk menganalisis kegiatan berbau fisik penggunanya.

Defy+ disebut-sebut lebih tangguh dari Galaxy Xcover, ponsel Android tahan banting baru besutan Samsung. Selain itu, spesifikasinya cukup mumpuni dengan prosesor 1GHz, kamera 5 megapixel dan layar 3,7 inch resolusi tinggi.

Motorola Defy+ akan segera tersedia di Asia, Eropa dan Amerika Latin. Demikian seperti detikINET kutip dari Pocket Link, Selasa (16/8/2011).

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