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November 01 2014


September 30 2014

my little sister's bug friend
A Girl and Her Bug.
Recently I noticed my baby sister playing with these bugs. They look like bright red ants with a black head & butt, but they're not exactly ants. None of us know what kind of bug it is but they're pretty harmless.

There are several of these in the house, but I decided to humanize one in this sketch in the form of a young (teenage?) girl. Unintentionally I kinda made her hairstyle resemble Adakias, or Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe (probably cuz I've just watched the Mirror & Ocean Gem episode) and I'm confused on designing her dress too & came up with a few designs.

August 23 2014

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*screaming Even louder*

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August 03 2013

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What was the last thing you made with your own hands?
this. I realized down there there are two shoes behind Hiccup. He could be wearing both his boots despite one of his leg is actually a hook, I wonder how that fits.

July 16 2013

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some How To Train Your Dragon sketches I did this early July

Digitized sketch - [X]

May 16 2013

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These are some of the looks animators were planning at some point for these Disney characters. Can you imagine if they ended up looking like that?

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May 09 2013


March 20 2013

Practice doodles (c) askoncieonceler.tumblr.com
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November 28 2012

Rise of the Guardians - Jack and Pitch sketches by Kaira-Hiwatari
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June 16 2012


April 29 2012



Night time is the right time to take a break and do some sketches of the Cat and the Bat. 

And yes, you bet I’m excited for July 20th. 

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April 09 2012

Rule Of Rose Sketches by charlenedenief
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October 18 2011

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