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November 13 2014

Bra Sizes Explained
(source: styleguru, via 9GAG)
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September 28 2014


September 26 2014

Boob sizes and perception
Sort of a continuation of the Pants comic here.
(I might turn these things into a webcomic series.)

And it's also based on my actual frustration, cuz honestly, my boobs are average-sized, but since people *coughmyfamilycough* keep calling them big, I counterattacked them & prefer to call them small & say I'm amost flat-chested most of the time. If they were actually big then lying down on my stomach would be uncomfortable, and I lie down & sleep on my stomach a lot.
(also I was mistaken for a boy a lot too which means my boobs can't be that big).

Cheers to people with the same problem *toasts*
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July 29 2014

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This is why I don’t believe guys who tell me that the condom is too small.

When I was in middle school, we had a woman come teach us about contraception, and literally the first thing she told us was ‘Ladies, if a guy ever tells you he can’t wear condoms because they’re too small, he’s lying’ and then proceeded to open a condom and stretch it up her forearm up to her elbow.

well clearly I’ve been spending too much on socks

My health teacher did the same thing, but she put the entire contents of a 2-liter bottle of soda into a condom and said, “So girls, if a boy ever says that he’s too big for condoms, you run. You run so far.”

my mother just saw this picture on my dashboard as she walked in and stopped what she was saying just so she could go
‘why is that condom on their foot are they going to do someone in the butt with their foot’  

this post literally has nothing i do not enjoy

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July 22 2014





if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now

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May 11 2014





So I made a little size chart of Dragons of Middle-Earth

I think these are right but if anyone has quotes or anything to indicate something different, send them my way and I’ll fix it.

#oh my god smaug is such a tiny baby no wonder he’s so angry all the time

That is terrifying

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January 24 2014

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Mermaid by Sergey Kolesov

Ok, that’s fucking terrifying and cool.

woah I love this interpretation of mermaids. not human sized, but the size of like a blue whale

Wow I can’t stop looking at this!!

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November 06 2013

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Only thing I’m worried about pulling off is my earrings ‘cause we’re fighting bitch


I have no problem with larger people wearing clothes that are revealing. I do have a problem with anyone wearing clothes that are too small for them (even if you’re thin like a runway model, if your clothes are two sizes too small you won’t look nice and you definitely aren’t going to be comfortable!).

My point being: stores that sell the cute hip trendy clothes need to sell larger sizes, so that everyone can look cute and also be comfortable.

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July 21 2013

Evolution Sucks
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January 03 2013


Omg watching shrek and they see lord farquaad’s castle and shrek says “You think he’s maybe compisating for something?” and laughs and I just now understand that he is talking about the size of the guys dick…..

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November 16 2012

  • anything smaller than a c cup: must be pre-pubescent. ugly patterns, and colours. lots of animals and stripes.
  • c to d cup: a woman! pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.
  • anything over a d cup: beige. lots and lots of beige.
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August 26 2012

August 18 2012

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Idiots seem to enjoy the world more
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July 22 2012


June 10 2012



Life Lessons from Taiwan…

Amy T. Falcone is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist for the long running webcomic [citation needed] and newly debutedCardigan Weather

Her work and contact info are available at her blog.

Source: bustygirlcomics
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December 19 2011


October 15 2011

So his junk is a size 'S', isn't it?
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September 29 2011


September 20 2011

Comparison Disk Storage
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August 29 2011

Not that it's a competition or anything.
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