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October 25 2014

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There was a recent campaign in Malaysia called "I Wanna Touch A Dog" or something and the purpose was to eliminate bias, fear & hatred of dogs among Malaysian Muslims (and also teaching them how to cleanse themselves after handling dogs). Unfortunately there were conservatives who condemn this event and spread news that the dude holding this event was part of a Zionist agenda, wanting to make a new branch of religion out of Islam, etc.
Kamila said if those news were proven false, then these conservatives are the ones who are more at fault cuz spreading false accusations is a sin. I sorta trust her on this cuz her answers regarding religion stuff are always better than mine.

June 02 2014








ugh summer

look at my awful tan line


stop the maths jokes guys, cos they’re not funny

oh yeah i secant that

There must be a limit to these terrible puns.

"that's a sine you should just stop right there" - katie

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July 19 2012

Some people live life to the fullest like this
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March 01 2012


September 27 2011

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