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May 17 2019


April 09 2015

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Tina and I (well mostly me) talking about a possible theory how Julian Casablancas got his name

also it's April 9th, Gerard Way & Albert Hammond Jr's birthdays.

November 19 2014

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dont ever use your starsign's stereotype as an excuse. never.

a random shower thought

August 08 2014

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not sure if this is a pre-sleep thought or a shower thought. and the word 'niggay' is already in urbandictionary.

Here's the Proudiots Heello status I wrote though, and in case you're wondering what the f is a Stickaforkinit...
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March 14 2014

11 Oddball Suggestions That, Well, Just Might Work (or: Shower Thoughts, Part Two)
I SAY YES TO THE GYM EQUIPMENTS ONE! Why can't we hook them up to generators so we can exercise & charge phones all at once?

I also say make it happen to the Knees & Toes bodywash, the clockmaker slogan, the IMDB for music, and planting grass on campus routes.

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March 12 2014

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In the shower with random thoughts again, I dont know why I suddenly got reminded of the Nigga Please cereal. Pardon the stupid racial slurs and for those who are unavailable I just replaced the slurs with food.

What to call us Southeast Asians? Hmm probably spring rolls.
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