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June 06 2015

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May 07 2015

Anonymous asked: You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.



I fucking lost it here


Yes just yes! lol
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April 10 2015

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more language exchange sessions with Tina. we covered topics regarding bats, necklaces, teacups & socks

here’s a screenshot earlier of Tina trying google translate, translating a Malay song title into English

March 15 2015

Bluechair ep.77 - Shoes
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January 31 2015


January 24 2015




These pumps, crafted by Mexican designer Lucita Abarca, caused quite a stir at a recent Sixth Borough fashion show. These crystalline high-heels were grown by Wyrm’s Pass artisans, deep below the Rocky Mountains, using a mixture of firebird ash, waters from the springs at Paradiso, and a variety of secret ingredients, rumored to include Australian fire opals and powdered moonstone. The result of using the firebird ash become immediately recognizable when the heel of the shoe is dragged backward across any dry surface, as it creates an impressive streak of magical fire which can be accurately aimed with a little effot. Ms. Abarca said she wanted a shoe that made a statement, and that statement was “Any bastardo brujo catcalling me on La Plaza de Sangre better be ready to dose his huevos, you know?” 

Look the shoes to complete my death goddess look

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October 03 2014

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What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
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More chats with Tina on Kakaotalk. Teletubbies, Evanescence, shoes and nose selfies.

September 20 2014

Your Shoes Are Rubbish by Billy Turvey

This Project is about the out of sight and out of mind legacy of the modern consumer. Taking the shoe as a prime example: What used to be a hand crafted item made to last and designed to be repairable, now spends an almost insignificant amount of time on the ground doing what it was made for. 
As soon as the first component on a modern shoe fails, the pair is often discarded. The mass produced shoe is now essentially disposable. After you've finished with them they're just another (two) piece(s) of rubbish that are likely to still be around long after your own body has decomposed; we're all leaving behind ourselves a rubbish legacy. With the development of plastics came a utopian promise to change the world, and change the world it has, plastic has become so materially ingrained in our lives and environment that it's becoming increasingly indistinguishable and inseparable from nature. We took this as a starting point and set out to mine this plastic pollution, we collected rubbish from the west and the south coast of England and the banks of the river Thames. Following this we made a pair of shoes out of the rubbish that all our consumer goods are destined to become. A satirical critique of the legacy we consumers leave in our wake. Far from suggesting we all wear shoes made from rubbish, the project is a talking point around which to stage a conversation about the consumerism game we’re all caught up in.
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September 15 2014

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I laughed so hard at the word poots

These poots are made for walkin

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May 12 2014

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I’ve seen this image going around, and I feel compelled to point out that it’s only half-right. It’s true that high heels were originally a masculine fashion, but they weren’t originally worn by butchers - nor for any other utilitarian purpose, for that matter.

High heels were worn by men for exactly the same reason they’re worn by women today: to display one’s legs to best effect. Until quite recently, shapely, well-toned calves and thighs were regarded as an absolute prerequisite for male attractiveness. That’s why you see so many paintings of famous men framed to show off their legs - like this one of George Washington displaying his fantastic calves:

… or this one of Louis XIV of France rocking a fabulous pair of red platform heels (check out those thighs!):

… or even this one of Charles I of England showing off his high-heeled riding boots - note, again, the visual emphasis on his well-formed calves:

In summary: were high heels originally worn by men? Yes. Were they worn to keep blood off their feet? No at all - they were worn for the same reason they’re worn today: to look fabulous.

so then how did they become a solo feminine item of attire?

A variety of reasons. In France, for example, high heels fell out out of favour in the court of Napoleon due to their association with aristocratic decadence, while in England, the more conservative fashions of the Victorian era regarded it as indecent for a man to openly display his calves.

But then, fashions come and go. The real question is why heels never came backinto fashion for men - and that can be laid squarely at the feet of institutionalised homophobia. Essentially, heels for men were never revived because, by the early 20th Century, sexually provocative attire for men had come to be associated with homosexuality; the resulting moral panic ushered in an era of drab, blocky, fully concealing menswear in which a well-turned calf simply had no place - a setback from which men’s fashion has yet to fully recover.


Yep : a setback from which men’s fashion has yet to fully recover.

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January 27 2014


January 09 2014

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can someone from the science side explain this to me?

Bird no want wet feet, bird shoes

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December 10 2013

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if you wear these to school you're guaranteed to make lots of new friends


November 29 2013

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Post a pic of your favorite shoes?

where did u get those shoes D:

my darling aunt bought them for me 6 years ago. cant believe they still look good and sturdy after all this time
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September 24 2013


August 14 2013

What shoes did you wear today?

freaking CROCS. well the ones with the decent-enough style and not those stereotypical lame ones, at least.

August 13 2013

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August 05 2013


July 15 2013

how would you walk in shoes like this?
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