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January 10 2014

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I had a dream last wednesday night
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November 02 2012

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Just a wolf selling silk

From a random Skype chat.

Me: *pulls back hair*
Myoo89: i like ur hair now. when u pulled back just now
Me: oh this. Yeah I look like Austria.
Myoo89: u cn be austria. with boobs.
Me: it's always the boobs
Myoo89: tambah tahi lalat lagi
Me: *points at the cheek/chin area where Austria's mole is, then points at forehead*
>Myoo89: XDDD India la ko alang2. Kuch kuch hota hai
Me: what if india & austria were a crack pairing and then they invented the lovechild?
Myoo89: kamabethoven. kamasutra, kan? wolfgang
Me lol. suddenly beethoven. & why suddenly karma? I thought you said kamasutra.
Myoo89: maybe karma wolf... karmathoven... wolfsutra
Me: silk wolf
Myoo89: serigala jual kain sutera. lelong2 XD kain murah kain murah~
Me: sutera dari bulu kambing. dagingnya sudah kumakan :P
Myoo89: Berniaga sambil bergembira LOL Salam Aidiladha untuk serigala tu

And thus, the Silk-selling Wolf.

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October 05 2012

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