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April 21 2015


so i was just trying to log into my old email account and i couldn’t remember the password so my security question that i set for myself two years ago pops up

and it is:


and I’m like, what a dick move, me. I don’t know the fucking answer. Why? Why? Why what, me? What are you trying to ask me, you little shit?!

so in a fit of rage I type in ‘BECAUSEFUCKYOUTHATSWHY’

ding password reset 

ding password reset
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May 30 2014

0403 3294


"It’s all about speeds and feeds. It’s about latency. How fast will it run? I’ll often sit with businesses who ask me about how mission critical is the performance of the cloud? And I tell them, if you can make a gamer happy, you can make anybody happy."

IBM Security Expert
Making mobile apps safer

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July 07 2013


April 15 2013

4351 e4fd



security guards

I’m fucking proud of this comic ok

(via resketch)

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