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September 26 2012


Screw The Rainbow


Screw popularity, it's never meant for me
But why do suddenly when it reaches you, I want it?
Burned my eyes at the sun, you don't know how much I feel dumb
I swear, I can't sleep all night, thinkin' all about it

While you're all green with luck, I was green with envy

Cuz your luck pissed on my rainbow
You're a pot of gold and
I'm the leprechaun's butthole
And nothing's ever gonna make me laugh.

Everyone says I'll get my turn next
Then someone said stuff about you and I was like...
Got better and maybe laughed off my ass
(I see the bright side)
I stood up and shouted "F-you" (EFF YOU!)
At some point I'm better than you
Nobody cares about your four-leaf clover stash
(go home and cry)

Well you never asked for a fight but, I'm juz so frickin happy!

Cuz I shat on your rainbow,
Messin with your luck,
Say hello to my tornado,
That was probably the best comeback I've ever had

You might have more recognition
But I've got more skills
Yet everyone misunderstood this fact, 
(But they're starting to realize...)

So have a shamrock cookie, it will make you feel better
Or do you prefer to gloat in your own fame
Fine by me cuz it doesn't matter-

[chorus... AGAIN]
I said I screwed up your rainbow, killing your halo,
I'm sendin' you to pluto, and what the hell comes next?
I fucked up your rainbow, shoutin' out "HEY YO!"
Shootin' down the stars cuz I'ma kick you in the arse (that's ass)
Screwin' the rainbow, go ahead, feel hollow
That's defeat for you, don't swallow, don't chew, just suck
Screwing the rainbow, turning it monochrome
And draining all the colors cuz you ran out of luck!
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August 24 2011

A white kid with dirty blond curly hair was singing my song Screw The Rainbow (note: this is supposedly a rock song and she's wearing a teal frilly dress with a bow looking as if she's a beauty pageant contestant & not a rocker). I hurried to the place along with some friends to break in their backstage and tell the guys at the back that I wrote the song. They took note and after the little girl is done singing the song, one of the guys told her manager about how I'm the original songwriter. The manager nodded and told the kid to invite me on stage for a short while. The kid agreed and she introduced me as the songwriter. For some reason I was ok with her being the face of the song as long as I'm still credited for writing the song. The crowd cheered and clapped and the concert was dismissed.

Everyone goes home. There was a moment of confusion when passengers in the parking lot were indecisive with which car they're going home in.

Later the scene switched to Harry Potter and his two best friends lost in China. They had to take trains and mediocre vehicles & travel past rice fields and buildings filled with car pollution and street vendors to find the portal they originally thrown themselves into by accident. They must've entered the muggle world in China. Ron panicked first while Harry and Hermione stayed calm somehow. Ron panicked probably because they don't have his family's blue flying car anymore. Hermione then asked for directions from two local street saleswomen who were selling rice and dried fish. I also remember them going along a train track when thankfully no trains were crossing that track. The trio then managed to find the portal somehow in the end.

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